Sunday, September 9, 2018

Fast Thoughts On Idlib And Some Other Business.

As I wrote in Russia As A Cat, Russia will continue to "eat chicken" at her own pace ignoring angry monologues from "democratic world" and will continue extermination of unicorns and humanitarian terrorists in Idlib apace. The process continued today with new airstrikes against those "rebels". It is symptomatic, then, that Russia's Ambassador to Syria gave this statement to TASS. I give this news piece in full and want to remind, that Russia's high level military and diplomat figures DO NOT make statements off the wall. Those statements are always sanctioned from the above:  

DAMASCUS,September 7. /TASS/. Russia is helping Syria restore and modernized its airdefense system, Russia’s Ambassador to that country, Alexander Kinshchak, toldTASS on Friday. "We are helping our Syrian partners to restore, modernizeand boost the efficiency of the integrated air defense system," he saidwhen asked how well Syria is protected against possible airstrikes by Westernnations. "Much is yet to be done because everything was in utterdevastation, but certain results can already be seen," he said. In lateApril, chief of the main operations directorate of the Russian General Staff,Sergei Rudskoi, said that Syria would soon receive new air defense systems andpromised that Russian specialists would help the Syrian military to masterthem. He refrained from details of the systems, saying only that the S-125, Osaand Kvadrat systems used by the Syrian army had been restored and modernizedwith Russia’s assistance. In late August, the Russian Defense Ministry warnedabout a possible provocation plotted in the Syrian Idlib governorate bymilitants under supervision of British special services. Thus, according to theministry, militants were planning to simulate the use of chemical weaponsagainst civilians by Syrian government troops to furnish the United States, theUnited Kingdom and France with a pretext to deliver an airstrike on Syriangovernment and economic facilities.
So, it is becoming increasingly clear that Russia is on the move. In fact, things are getting in the open very fast. Such as the situation in Donetsk after the murder of Alexandr Zakharchenko. As Andrei Babitsky noted from Donetsk--there are no vacancies left in any more or less decent hotels in Donetsk--all occupied by FSB people. This is not to mention some other interesting developments which need to be verified, but it looks like Moscow is moving in big time and openly. That is why this report, about Russia's Uragan systems being deployed, as MoD said "just in case", near Russian and LDNR border. The message is clear:

There will be no VSU "victory" under any circumstances and seems that Russia is about openly (before that it was hidden by a fig leaf) take charge in defense of republics with all that follows, which is, well... turn on your imagination. 

But the funniest, in a good sense, thing is that while the US imposes sanctions on Russia, it continues to buy Russia's hi-tech products such as rocket engines and now aircraft. As TASS reports (in Russian) at Gelendzhik exhibition of hydro-aviation, US (Seaplane Global Air Services) and Russia (Beriev Corp.) signed the contract for delivery of 4 of these excellent firefighting jets, plus option for 6 more is also envisioned. It is well known fact that US, especially southern states, suffers from serious forest fires and BE-200s are perfect planes to fight those fires. They already have shown their worth in Portugal, Greece, Spain, Russia, just to name a few countries. 

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