Saturday, March 21, 2020

Russia To Aid Italy.

Eight brigades (no, not brigade size as in armed forces--teams) of military medics, disinfection systems, supplies and medical equipment are on standby in Russia. Defense Minister Shoigu ordered a creation of military-transport aviation group for urgent help to Italy starting tomorrow, March 22 (in Russian). This is getting serious, since Russia, obviously, begins to built air bridge to Italy. As RT reports:
The Russian President voiced his support to the leadership in Rome and the Italian people as he spoke with Conte, according to the Kremlin. But it wasn’t just words, as he said Russia was willing to provide protective gear, mobile sanitizers and other medical equipment to Italy. Eight teams of Russian military medics and virology experts are already on standby and could be deployed  to Italy as early as Sunday, once Rome greenlights the move, Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed. “In response to a request from the Italian side, the Russian president confirmed his readiness to promptly provide the necessary assistance and outlined the specific parameters [of what Russia can offer],” the Kremlin's press service reported. It further noted that Putin initiated the phone call with Conte.
Start your stopwatches, Ladies and Gentlemen, before Western media accuse Russia of "exploiting crisis" and trying to influence... whatever. I guess they will be afraid to see enormously "effective" and humanistic NATO and EU, which literally rushed to help Italy (I am screwing with you, as you noticed), in rather not a very good light.  Chinese provided help to Italy, they were accused of "influence", now, my guess, is Russia's turn. Russia always does this. You may not recall it but during trying times of Katrina's catastrophe in 2005 Russia's Emercom IL-76 Transport aircraft with the first aid were immediately on the standby. This is what Wiki says about it:
Those aircraft waited for a week for W Administration to get off its ass to allow those evil Rooskies to get much needed help to New Orleans. This is what normal people DO. This is what the United States Navy did when helping victims of a devastating earthquake off Indonesia in 2006. This is how it is supposed to be. But we live in different times today, when last spots of thin veneer of humanity are peeling off the dying old world order. In related news. The Atlantic published a piece on Ukraine's depopulation and I will address the issue of Ukraine soon--it must be addressed. Andrei Raevsky recently did a good write up on this issue, but it needs to be addressed in some other, almost metaphysical, terms. Yes, Ukraine is done, it is just the matter of time before it implodes completely but here is the catch--Russians do not want to have anything in common with these people.  

UPDATE: 03/22/19.  First seven military cargo aircraft and forces of the  of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (RHBZ) already landed in Italy. 
You can see photo report  (in Russian) here. And here. Or here. The first aircraft was met by Italy's Chief of General Staff at the air force base near Rome earlier today.  Russians being suckers for giggle already have an anecdote: Russia introduced green polite men to Italy. When is the referendum? Reference to Crimea, of course. All good-natured, of course.

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