Wednesday, March 18, 2020


No, not Harvey Milk dude known for his fight for the "rights" of gays, but milk, as in skim, 1%, 2%. Our local QFC (Kroeger) chain grocery store was without milk (not counting those ungodly varieties of soy and organic pseudo milk) for two days. I get it--panic rush on durable products such as rice, beans, canned food is to be expected. Understandable, those are staples which are getting swept from the shelves in times of panic. After all, Russians already have an anecdote such as: Russia just registered its first death from coronovirus. The dude was killed in his garage when the shelf with 400 kilograms of rice, beans, buckwheat and canned food collapsed on him. But milk, a perishable product which cannot be used much longer beyond its expiration date, yet, evidently some bunch of fvcking morons simply loaded on it. My question, how are they going to use this milk once it goes bad? 

This is the price we all pay for covid-19 hysteria amplified by media, those very same media which gave us Russiagate, Ukrainegate, which "predicted" landslide for HRC in 2016 and which continue even today. Especially European media whores who already came up with this:
When all else fails, blame Russia. That seems to be the EU approach to deflecting blame from its response to the coronavirus pandemic, no doubt because it has worked so well for Democrats in the US or London in the Skripal affair.As Brussels finally got around to locking down the EU borders on Tuesday, London’s Financial Times ran a ‘bombshell’ story blaming “Russian pro-Kremlin media” for a “significant disinformation campaign” to stoke “confusion, panic and fear” in the West and “aggravate the coronavirus pandemic crisis.” This is based on a nine-page report by the strategic communications division of the European External Action Service, the EU’s de facto foreign ministry.
As I speak non-stop about it, Europe is run by incompetent imbeciles heavy on Euro-left pseudo political theory and very light on actual statecraft. In this case, one can only extend condolences to Europeans, those who didn't lose their head yet, with the fact of them being run by cretins. It is also rather remarkable that it is China which is helping this "economically advanced" EU with covid-19 testing kits, masks and other supplies. Russia helped China, too. So, the question is then this: who are, exactly, those second or third world nations? I think we have the answer, EU qualifies quite well, because its response to covid-19 is nothing short of a disaster, with EU bureaucrats having no fvcking idea on what to do and how to do anything sensible in terms of facing down a health crisis. Now about crisis--so far the death percentage hovers just above 4% (4.001 to be precise) and there is another resource you all may check the data--Worldometers. In general, there are plenty resources now giving current spread, so to speak, which helps to see larger picture. 

Russia and China called on the US to lift sanctions on Iran:
We urge the US to immediately lift unilateral sanctions on Iran. Continued sanctions are against humanitarianism and hamper Iran's epidemic response and delivery of humanitarian aid," spokesman Geng Shuang said. Russia's Foreign Ministry made a similar announcement, calling the sanctions "anti-human". "Illegal unilateral US sanctions, imposed since May 2018 as part of the 'maximum pressure' campaign, are a powerful obstacle to the effective fight against the infection," Russia's foreign ministry said. 
So, you also have pretty good idea on who are real humanitarians in this world. Don't expect the United States doing anything in this regard. Sanctions are the only instrument the United States has to do anything about emerging new geopolitical reality. The more it uses this instrument, the faster the change is coming. It is a classic Zugzwang. Having said all this, I, however, still remain on the sidelines (or on the fence) in passing any judgement on covid-19 panic, not until I have a verifiable data on demographics and, what is even more interesting for me--I, being busy (lazy, actually) will wait for someone to do this--comparison of data on covid-19 and seasonal flu. The only thing to do here is to keep those medical professionals and volunteers on the front lines of fight against this pandemic in out thoughts (and prayers for people of faith).    

UPDATE: Per milk--evidently you can freeze it but, unlike ice-cream, one has to wonder what will be its taste after that. This, however, in no way takes responsibility off the shoulders of those hoarders. 

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