Wednesday, November 20, 2019

MS-21 "Ramped Up".

An interesting piece of news from OAK (United Aircraft Corporation--UAC) which wants to ramp-up its annual production of MS-21 aircraft from initially 70 to 120 a year (in Russian). 
Translation: We consider a possibility of international cooperation in MS-21 program. Out task is to reach annual production of 120 units, stated Slyusar (CEO of OAK).  

The part on international cooperation should be made clear: Russia produces enough composites to satisfy requirements of Russian combat aviation and rates of 70 aircraft a year for MS-21 and whatever goes to SSJ-100 which is being "russified" very fast, from APU to avionics. Of course, there are other demand for composites, not least in a missile field. But commercial aircraft, of course, are a separate "animals" and require a number of serious conditions to be fulfilled when dealing, especially, with composite materials. Especially so when the number of disposable, that is replaceable,  parts ranging from engine gondolas to all kinds of fairings is very large. International cooperation in this respect is only natural.  
B-787 compositION. 
So, expense in composite materials for each aircraft is quite large. But why, one may ask, such a ramp-up in production. Does it have any relation to a snafu with B-737 Max? Of course, it does, but methinks it is just one of the reasons. The larger reason is in the fact of Putin starting a few days ago in Brasilia a countdown to US Dollar demise. And then this small piece of news (in Russian): Moldova asked Russia for a loan for infrastructure projects. Ah, that's warmer. Against the background of a "pedal to the metal" new budget which infuses massive funds into Russia's national projects, the news that Russia actually can finance very many major customers somehow got lost behind Western (pseudo)economic "analysis", but that is what really matters. Russia did it before, even as USSR, but modern Russia is different--she wants a serious collateral and then she is ready to finance a lot, something like purchase of Russian commercial aircraft by variety of customers. Iran? Sure--that is why SSJ-100 is being "russified" with such a speed--and then, of course, MS-21 which is already 80% Russian. 

Middle East? Why not! Asia? Of course, there will be takers for the state-of-the-art Russian commercial aircraft. Especially when Russia will provide a loan or a.... drum roll...Lend-Lease on good conditions. Russia CAN afford to do so now.  This may explain why OAK (UAC) suddenly decided to change target numbers. Believe me--there will be takers, including among Western composite materials manufacturers. And then, of course, there is Aeroflot, S7, Ural Airlines, you name it, who are in dire need for domestic aircraft. That is what behind Slyusar's statement he made in Dubai.  Just to refresh your memory a bit: remember this in 2008?
You can easily find yourself by googling a shitstorm which followed in Western media and think-tankdom after that. Well, times changed and many countries will ask Russia for financing of their "infrastructure" projects and Russia will gladly do so, with this teeny-weeny caveat that they will buy Russian very high value added products, many of which are, in fact, extremely competitive, while some are simply superior to anything West, let alone China, make. I bet you never heard about airports of Augsburg, Lubeck, Braunshweig  and Sylt are fully equipped and operate fully Russian designed and made Air Traffic Control Systems Galactica. I know, many people still cannot wrap their brains around the fact that Russia actually produces a shitload of world-class hi-tech, a real one. But, I guess, live and learn, and adapt.  

P.S. Nord Stream-2 may become operational already this (2019) year, says Russia's Energy Minister Novak. I can only imagine joy and exhilaration in Kiev from this news.

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