Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hey, Don, Take The Job.

We all know that you are an obnoxious bad mouthing old Son of a Bitch, but hey, seriously, take this offer Russians would love to have you to both hate and like you. You ARE, let's be honest, great entertainment value.  Legendary Dynamo Moscow certainly thinks so: 
I am not being facetious, Don would love Moscow which offers way more than Toronto, plus he will never have better opportunity to learn that Russians are not subhumans after all. Moreover, there is a shitload of Canadian head-coaches managing Russian teams from Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), plus a large number of Canadian hockey players play in KHL. Very few people can get a second chance like that. In the end, it may indeed end up with Coach's Corner on Hockey Night Russia. That would be something to behold. 

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