Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Ishenko Delivers.

One of my favorite Russian (namely Russian) contemporary strategists and historians, Rostislav Ishenko delivers not only traditionally logical and well-supported view, but, what is very rare in his writing--an impassioned and a bitter one. He writes about Kiev, which for me personally long ago ceased being of any value, same as used to be Prague, which will soon remove the monument to its liberator, Marshal Konev, and will erect monument to Vlasovites. In me--indifference at best, I am long ago all for transporting remains of Red Army soldiers back to Russia--Europe did not the deserve to have their graves there. Same with Kiev, and with Ukraine in general. Again, many will need Google Translate help, but the view of Ishenko is worthy of paying attention to it--it is alive geopolitics, the way it forms. 

Here is his excellent conclusion about Russian Ukrainians:
Translation: And after all that, they are still surprised that many times cursed by them Russian people (who they deny their Russianness), who while understanding that one way or another something will have to be done with Ukraine, are not rushing to "save" Ukraine (while calling them "my hut is aparters" and crypto-Banedirstas). If someone who drowns in swamp would demand from me to save him while simultaneously promising to shoot me once he gets out of the swamp, I would also think 100 times about helping him.  

Read it, it is important. Russians will never forgive a treason--about time Russians learned not to forget and not to forgive.

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