Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Don Cherry Is Fired.

Oh, (come on) Canada! We all know that Don Cherry is a village idiot, always was, and is primarily a side-show entertainment for Hockey Night in Canada. BTW, the guy spoke so much anti-Russian shit over decades that it is difficult to even keep the score. But then again, no offense is taken when said by a village idiot. Jesters are allowed to speak their mind, so Don spoke and he got grilled and fired.

You know what? Don is actually correct here--as I said, jesters are, periodically--but Canada gripped by the suffocating political correctness couldn't take it. 85-years old Don got fired. Really? This is the fate of people who dare to point out to obvious facts of dissolving of white, primarily christian, European-keen population of North American Continent with people many of who do not share any ideas in the foundation of both Canada and United States, among which freedom of speech was, until relatively recently, one of the most important rights. It is not anymore. Globalist, open-borders, totalitarianism is unfolding over North America and until something drastic happens, both Canada and the US will inevitably descend into the either complete chaos or into the severe dictatorship in which everything what made Anglo world so attractive in the XX century--human rights and due process--will be either repudiated or entirely destroyed. The new generation of Anglo Hongweibings is already here and the only thing which separates North America, for now, from a complete collapse of the remnants of tradition of liberty is the older generation which is still armed and has its own opinion on all this shit. It is a sad, sad reality. Meanwhile Democratic Party calls for open borders. Don Cherry learned it the hard way--even jesters are not safe anymore.  

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