Friday, November 15, 2019

Putin In His Own Words.

About Trump making it to Moscow on 9 May, 2020. 

Do not forget to turn on English Caption. But what is remarkable about this short comment from Putin is the phrase that he suggests that for Trump being in Moscow on May 9th is actually a very good move in his re-election campaign. This is a remarkable statement from Putin, knowing what kind of shit is unfolding now in the US with a sham of "impeachment hearings" and US media going hysterical. Knowing who Putin is and assuming, correctly, his excellent briefings and situational awareness of the state of the affairs in the US, this suggestion could have come only if he would be sure that it will not damage Trump's position. While, of course, expecting inevitable psychotic reaction from US media. As I stated, the best way to arrange that would be not just Trump standing together with Putin at the Red Square podium, but US Armed Forces battalion marching in this Parade. The rumor has it, that Macron is now planning being in Moscow in the same time (in Russian), especially after being snubbed by combined West at Paris Peace Forum which just concluded a couple days ago. 

Judging by one of few real fighters in GOP, the man who effectively killed Russiagate, Devin Nunes, he has a lot to say about this whole sham by Democratic Party today. 

I think we didn't hear the last from this real fighter, who, for all my indigestion from GOP, is one of few men who has right words about this seditious treason Democrats and their lapdog whores, aka, mainstream media are trying to commit. So, who knows, this May 9th Celebration of 75th Anniversary of defeat of Nazism with Trump and, hopefully, Allies' troops may not be too far fetched. But we need to be patient and, as they say, prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best.   

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