Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Complete Degeneracy And Lack Of Civilization In...

UK. I am stupefied: 
Got it, folks? Here is how I stumbled on that through Paul Kersey at Unz. You can read more about United Kingdom abrogating all great achievements of Western Civilization through millennia in medicine, including Hippocratic Oath here:
Well, what can I say--I will avoid appearing in UK hospitals to the best of my ability. For those people in UK who do not understand what real medicine and humanism are (hence the Oath), I'll give one example. Even though Nazi Europe, led by Nazi Germany, committed unspeakable atrocities in the USSR during WW II, most German POWs, some of them fanatical Nazis, were still treated by Soviet doctors and given whatever little medicine USSR had for its own citizens, who were in a huge deficit, considering an enormous scale and scope of the war at the Eastern Front. 

Is the United States next after UK? Some signs are already in place. So, UK part of the West does need obituary, albeit Paul Craig Roberts wrote one for the whole West. We are entering a twilight zone in what used to be the combined West dominated by Anglo world in post-WW II period. UK is done--it is not a Western nation anymore and while at it, they should dispose of graves of Cromwell, Shakespeare, shut down whatever is left of once Great Britain, discard Newton, dispose off especially British literature, Beatles and Gainsborough and prepare to face a brand new world.  It is at the gates and there is no one to defend the castle. 

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