Friday, November 1, 2019

Whistle While You Work...

In the CIA or in the White House. Evidently, if to believe media frenzy, the name of the so called "whistle blower" against Trump is 33 years old Eric Ciaramella, whose profile nails him directly as a snitch to the Brennan's cabal of putchists who continue to rape Constitution and eradicate the last remnants of the Republic, turning it into the Third World shithole mafia state.   
OK, that clarifies it somewhat but this is not what is truly interesting about this CIA "analyst" who, at this moment still may or may not be a blowjo...pardon me, whistle-blower for Adan Schiff and his collection of treasonous operatives. No. The thing which catches one's attention who have at least some serious military or intelligence background is this:
Ciaramella grew up in Prospect, Connecticut, as one of three children. He spent time attending Woodland Regional High School in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, and then graduated from Chase Collegiate School, in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 2004, according to the prep school’s alumni magazine. After high school, Ciaramella attended Yale University, graduating in 2008 as a Russian and East European studies major. In 2007, he was awarded a grant by the Yale Macmillan Center for European Union Studies to “research on the perceptions of the EU among rural Italian residents.” While at Yale, Ciaramella, who speaks Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic, led a protest over the departure of an Arabic department professor, according to the Yale Daily News. The student newspaper wrote, “Students convened outside Silliman at 9 a.m., all dressed in white to symbolize their future goal of bridging the gap between the United States and the Middle East through the use of the Arab language, said Eric Ciaramella ’08, one of the students who led the protest.” Ciaramella also studied at Harvard University, focusing on Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, according to the school’s website. He received a grant in 2009 for research on “Language in the Public Sphere in Three Post-Soviet Capital Cities,” Tbilisi, Georgia; Yerevan, Armenia; Baku, Azerbaijan. Ciaramella was additionally a corresponding author for Harvard’s Department of Linguistics and wrote a paper in 2015 titled, “Structural ambiguity in the Georgian verbal noun.”Ciaramella worked at the World Bank after college, according to a 2011 publication by the international financial institution. In the World Bank report, “Russia: Reshaping Economic Geography,” published in June 2011, Ciaramella is listed in the acknowledgments for making “important contributions” to the research. On a now-deleted Linkedin profile, he described himself as being a “Consultant, Poverty Reduction/Economic Management” at World Bank.
Ah, that's warmer. And it is an Exhibit A of a main reason why the United States finds itself where it is today and why current American so called "elites" cannot find their own ass with both hands in a brightly lit room. One is bound to struggle with own ass finding when having background such as Ciaramella's, and his background with slight deviations within narrow confines of humanities education, from Law to Political "Science", is a background of the overwhelming majority of people who "shape" US policies both domestically and abroad. Ciaramella is a classic product of the US Ivy League degree mills for good ol' boys and girls and, as is expected, possesses zero required instruments for serious foreign policy analysis in which power factor is at the center of an issue and it is beyond, wrong as they are, so called modelling and methodology used in the US for studying this issue--a body of absolutely overwhelming evidence of utter and humiliating, I may add, failure of American institutions dealing with country studies. No bigger evidence exists than a wasteland of Russia Studies field in the United States. 

If you think that a person who does such research as this “Structural ambiguity in the Georgian verbal noun” is a serious analyst, I have a bridge to sell. Knowing language is just a first step in knowing cultures and nations. The idea that some barely 30 years old kid can have a profound understanding of factors forming geopolitical balance by merely studying language or working in the Wold Bank is preposterous. It is not even the issue of IQ-driven so called intelligence metric. I met many people with IQ through the roof and some of them were one of the most impressive dumbfvcks I ever encountered in my life. The issue here is deeper--you literally have brainwashed political operatives, most of them not even book-smart, who are excreted every year from the American "humanities" programs who have "credentials" but have zero actual serious skills which are imperative for a serious statesmanship. They simply do not teach this in the US, nor can it be changed because the whole machine of the US "humanities" education pulsates between two extremes: one is of a complete deconstruction of the American history and culture into one non-stop genocide by whites of everyone else or, on the other extreme, utterly delusional exceptionalist shining city on the hill narrative with latter being as false as the former one. Few common sense and objective views which exist in between are pure coincidence which are there despite a totally corrupt educational system in the US when dealing with humanities. 

That is why, US elites having "analysts" like Ciaramella will not get out of this rut because the only thing they can reproduce are such specimens as this guy perfectly honed for one thing--to exist in the self-contained system of corruption, treachery, snitching, dirty intrigue and delusion, also known as American political system. In this case, forestalling any undeniably upcoming claims from these types of guys about their "honor", duty to a country or "democracy" it should be made patently clear that they have none, other than personal and narrow political interests and ambitions attached to a destruction of America which, at least nominally, was so far known as a land of laws and of the Constitution and which it is no more.   

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