Friday, September 24, 2021

Two Weeks Ago France Bid Adieu To Herself.

I know it is Friday but two weeks ago one of the greatest actors in world cinematography, Jean Paul Belmondo, passed into eternity and suddenly my generation saw remnants of France we once loved and cherished. It couldn't have been otherwise, Belmondo had to depart with Morricone's masterpiece from Professionnel. The scale of man is too big to depart without this greatest musical eulogy to masculinity and sacrifice. You will look at the comments to this report--most  of them in Russian. Russia wept with France. 

Six million views in Russian segment alone with all main Russian news channels breaking it and people still crying from him never reaching this damn helicopter. 
Yeah, France used to have great cinematography. Well, France used to be France. It is painful to see Alain Delon and Pier Richard at the end of their lives. We all remember this.
Yes, Paris falls.

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