Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Understanding Is Good.

Like General John Hyten understands. Especially when talking to such a "think-buggy" as Brookings, known to be a nest of exceptionalist and neocon ideas. 

Speaking at a meeting hosted by Washington think-tank The Brookings Institution on Monday, Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General John E. Hyten warned of the risks if conflicts spiral out of control, and expressed hope that cooler heads can prevail. "We never fought the Soviet Union," he said. "As for the great powers, our goal is to never go to war with China and Russia." According to Hyten, such an event would "destroy the world and the global economy. It will be bad for everyone, and we have to ensure that we do not go down that path." However, the general went on, previous deals between Moscow and NATO after the fall of the USSR concluded "Russia was not a threat any more." At the same time, however, he alleges that the Russians were "modernizing their entire nuclear arsenal." This, he says, was because "I think they were worried about the US."

Actually, give it up for Hyten--he talks totally common sense things and, what is really important, and I know it for sure, neither Russia nor China want the war with the United States. In fact, his conclusion on modernization of Russia's nuclear arsenal is spot on--Russia was worried about the US. Russia still worries about the US, this time because of a major clusterfuck the country has become and Russians are keenly aware that bat shit crazy element in US decision-making circuit is still present and one cannot completely exclude a possibility of those people pushing the United States to the brink of unleashing a war of desperation. Good that Hyten speaks to one such institution where neocon ideas are popular due to military ignorance of people exercising those and the words of General Hyten can only be commended. But as I am on record non-stop, the remaining expertise about the outside world rests today primarily, not exclusively, with some segments in the US military, who, by the virtue of their profession, have understanding of a horrendous price if the United States decides to unleash a suicidal war. 

Russians worry, alright. They train today, at Zapad-2021 maneuvers, a creation of a local AD network, designed to repel a massive attack on Russia's forces in case of real war. 

For those who may ask, S1 Pantsirs have a ground-attack capability and their guns are actually extremely effective against armored ground targets and personnel. In related stream of military porn from Zapad-2021 remotely controlled and robotic combat means (such as Uran-9 which was improved after Syria's underwhelming performance) and some new combat vehicles such as BMD-4. 

As they say,
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.  Especially in times like these we have on our hands. 

It does look real hm... skynettish. But then again, it is 21st Century, after all. Russia finally recognized that you either are powerful or you are a slave. Russians don't like to be slaves and that is why they build ultra-modern armed forces. 

Now, I want to thank all those people who became my patrons on Patreon. I hope our relations will be long-lasting and to the benefit of both parties. I hope to start making new videos by the end of this week. But, yes, I will need all support I can get to develop my teeny-weeny media "empire", especially after reading materials such as this (thanks to Bernhard from Moon of Alabama for finding these "pearls"), damn, the delusion is strong on this one. 

The new age of American power. Despite forecasts of decline following the Afghanistan withdrawal, the US military is planning another century of global domination.

You see, this is why I welcome sober and realistic opinions of real professionals, such as General Hyten, especially spoken to those who still reside in their make-believe world of America's omnipotence.

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