Friday, September 17, 2021

This Is Huge.

All participants of summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) signed the document about initiation of the procedure for acceptance (admitting) of Iran to SCO. 

ТЕГЕРАН, 17 сентября. /ТАСС/. Участники саммита Шанхайской организации сотрудничества (ШОС), который проходил в Душанбе, подписали документ о сотрудничестве, предполагающий начало процесса приема Ирана в организацию. Об этом было объявлено в пятницу в ходе саммита. "О начале процедуры приема Исламской республики Иран в члены ШОС", - объявили название подписанного документа. Ранее президент РФ Владимир Путин на саммите ШОС заявил, что Россия поддерживает начало процедуры приема Ирана в организацию.

Translation: TEHERAN, September 17. / TASS /. Participants of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which took place in Dushanbe, signed a document on cooperation, suggesting the beginning of the process of admitting Iran to the organization. This was announced on Friday during the summit. "On the beginning of the procedure for admitting the Islamic Republic of Iran to the SCO membership," the title of the signed document was announced. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the SCO summit that Russia supports the beginning of the procedure for admitting Iran to the organization.

We knew it was coming, but geopolitical ramifications of that are enormous. Multipolar world is here, it is now and we can only guess what work is being done behind the scene for unification of a colossal Eurasian land-mass and market into a single geopolitical entity. Keep in mind the size of this whole thing--it dwarfs both EU and North America in every single metric including, which is hugely important, militarily. Now recent words by Borisov about India being "in-line" for S-500 get new meaning. But then again, I am writing on Eurasian security perimeter for years. 

It is Friday, alright, and I mourn the untimely death of Norm Macdonald, a real comic and a closet intellectual. His impression of Bob Dole and his SNL Weekend Update in times when SNL was genuinely funny are immortalized today thanks to internet and YouTube. I salute you Norm. 

You were more than just a great comic, you were a great human.

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