Friday, September 10, 2021

Is It A Supernova? Friday!

I am on record that 1970s-1980s in terms of music were the best, because they had so much talent in them. We have now empirical evidence of people bypassing this BS of 1990s and 2000s and many looking back at the roots, when music was beautiful, women-gorgeous, and people actually could play and write some excellent melodies. ABBA evidently unclogged something. Iron Maiden are back with some awesome music:

Whitesnake suddenly felt the need to release an awesome music few hours back.  
These are those winds of freedom we felt then, when we could call things with their real names. As I said, I will write on a gigantic significance of what ABBA did exposing mediocrity of the modern world later. It is a Supernova of Western Civilization which blows out those elements which later create new galaxies and planet systems.

Come to think about it--yes, the grass was greener....

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