Sunday, December 13, 2020

Today Russia Declines Especially Fast And Dramatically.

You know, more dramatically than Russia declined in 2000s, than in 2010s, and now heading into 2020s this decline is especially noticeable. Moreover, 2020s decline is comparable to Russia's decline in 1240s, then Russia's disappearance after 1380, it also somewhat reminiscent of Russia's impending disintegration in 1605-1618, and it could certainly be reminiscent of Russia's absolute demise in 1812, not to speak of 1945. How do we know this? Very simple, a specialist in Russia's decline General Mark Milley, currently the Chairman JCS, said so in his interview to WSJ yesterday. But we all know that Russia is on the verge of a decline and disappearance for the last 1200 years, so--any minute now. Milley, however, having said that added that Russia is a Great Power and that it is because of the excellent armed forces. Now, I quote from Ria which quoted from WSJ, which is behind a paywall. 

Translation: Russia is a great power. There is no doubt about it because of her capabilities <...> Russian military people are very good, no questions about it. Russians have very combat capable and professional army. It is relatively small compared to the Soviet times, but is very very combat capable. 

This illustrates my point I made yesterday when discussing Andrei Raevsky's article about NATO and EU "messages" and which I make non-stop for decades, that the only people left in the US who have a degree of global situational awareness are American military. They have to be. As Larchmonter445 observed correctly today, and I quote him:

Who is not unaware are the specialists within the national security structure, Intel, DOD and the permanent transient officials who permeate NSC. They don't talk. They aren't experts on cable. They are analysts who study every word, action, feint, and surprise move by Putin and Russia. They are the human circuit breakers who will act rationally when the shit and fan are getting too close. You might say they are the real translators who tell the US leadership what they don't want to hear. They assure the bozos, clowns, psychopaths and warmongers that 20 minutes might be twice as long as they have to say their goodbyes if they go one inch forward to poke the bear. They read Andrei's works and his blog. They read The Saker and Orlov. They understand what Lavrov means. They now East from West. They are realists.

I agree. The "messages" are not for US or West's political elites--those are morons with no integrity or principles, they are also ignorant on any serious military matter. These messages are for American professionals who understand and have a grasp of consequences and can articulate those to civilian ignoramuses who run disintegrating West. In the middle of a Russiagate bacchanalia in the last 4 years, in the midst of severe bouts of Russophrenia at the Capitol and in US media the only sober assessments were coming from US military, especially from a guy from DIA--his testimony stood out. Listen to former DIA Chief Lieutenant-General Vincent Stewart. This is how real professionals talk. No political BS, cold hard facts. 

Sadly, this expertise is shrinking even at the top military level with increasing number political top military brass being increasingly less competent as the time passes by. But at least, articulation by Milley, granted with now required mantra of Russia's decline (of course), is the first such admission coming from the top of the American military-political elite conveyed by what is considered main American business publication. Hm, progress. Don't get me wrong--I do not overplay the importance or competence of the American military, but in purely military terms the United States still has a fast closing window of opportunities to seek politically important military "victory" (what kind of victory is a separate issue) against China. NATO, however, has no chance of defeating Russia, even if it tries to gather some force to challenge Russia in Europe--a very bad idea any way you look at it and Milley's words are a testimony to that. Considering utter military incompetence of National Security "team" Biden brings to WH in case he declared tomorrow President-elect, this is assuring, that US military will inform whoever may decide to issue a suicide order that they may simply lose the country even without the use of the nuclear weapons. With them? In this case we may only hope that there will be enough patriotic people who will stop this insanity. Usually these are military people.   

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