Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Another Nail In Russia's Coffin.

You know, this gas station pretending to be a country. I think Bombardier, whose legendary but nearing obsolescence Q-400s turboprops fly many Russia's regional routes do not have a good day. After yesterday's flight of MC-21 with PD-14s, Russia flew today her brand-new (and thoroughly Russian, from avionics to engines) but long-awaited IL-114. As all Ilyushin machines, 114 is elegant. Here is a full report, including presence of Borisov, Chemezov and Manturov who are visibly happy. 

You have to admit, that Russia has a pile of presents for herself under the Christmas tree. As with many things in Russia, Russia's aerospace, especially commercial aerospace, springs in action and demonstrates its very impressive capabilities. So the "decline" continues. I always loved (and still do) Ilyushin machines, from childhood IL-18 to one of the best commercial aircraft ever--IL-62. It is really good to see Ilyushin returning to commercial aviation. Especially in the segment which is absolutely crucial for Russia with her gigantic expanses.

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