Wednesday, December 30, 2020

It Was A Hard Year. Let's Relax, Somewhat.

Yet, I still can sense a rebel, in a good sense, spirit and some seeds of possible revival. No, not of the "Western Civilization" as they try to sell to us today--it has no relation to anything "Western"--but of humanity in general, granted that it is not easy to remain human nowadays. "Western Civilization" as it really is, is not what passes today for it. The Western Civilization which I love is not what it is today--there is nothing "Western" in it--but there was a time when a free spirit was almost free and not in a sense of "third wave feminism" finding "empowerment" in baring itself and behaving like sluts, or men becoming metrosexuals, but in a sense of freedom of thought which still had a very clear understanding between right and wrong, between tasteful and despicable, between beautiful and ugly. For some reason, on the eve of fvcking 2020 (and decade) departing I want to recall some really good, in aesthetic sense, things I personally consider to be those still glowing cinders of human free artistic spirit and goodness. You know that I am a rocker, so, you may as well enjoy (or otherwise) some things I enjoy, from the time it was good to be...well... free. Yes, it was that stunning and I was there, on ELO's 2019 American Tour, Hallelujah;)))

But, of course, they still delivered something special at Wembley in the country which, pretty much, doesn't exist anymore. But humanity still does.
In general, modern technology allows to deliver some truly stunning performances which have a profound impact. Russians, certainly, got the idea of live concert which provides an amazing delivery for a true talent. 

So, if anyone says it is "too commercial", well, too bad--the best music, actually, came through "commercial" performances which have been done by real professionals. So, let's enjoy something which is not flimsy but solid and enjoyable in this passing decade in terms of music. Here is Aria delivering a stunner in the same venue as Polina Gagarina in the clip above. 

Musically and performance-wise it rivals anything Iron Maiden or Judas Priest ever did, but that is the sign of times--it is all out there and anyone can enjoy it. Think about it--we couldn't even dream about access to such a treasure 20 years ago. We have it now, and not to music alone. Russians meanwhile do real power metal. 

So, enjoy the passing of this shitty year. We will not miss it.

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