Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2020 Hits Hard. Paolo Rossi, RIP.

It hits hard in human sense, not just geopolitical or economic one. Maradona--recently. Now, one of my, and the whole generation, football heroes, the slayer of Brazil and West Germany at World Cup 1982 in Spain, the master of the first deft touch, Paolo Rossi is not with us anymore. He was an ultimate finisher, clinical, unlike anyone there ever was. His ascendance to greatness, same as of the whole Enzo Bearzot's squad, which barely qualified from the group, was a stuff of legends, it still is. You couldn't fail to fall in love with that Azzurri squadron. Paolo was one one of the major reasons for that.    

RIP, legend. Ciao, Paolo. What a team Italy had then!!! The whole epoch is passing. I am sad. Thank you, Paolo, for everything, for magic.

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