Friday, December 18, 2020

Funny Coincidence.

This is a famous (in fact, genius) Georgi Sviridov's music piece Time, Forward

You may not know it, but at least half of this clip is not Soviet--it is American.  Here is a full "American version" of it dedicated to the builders of... Hoover Dam. 

Funny, when you think how Soviet music fits great industrial undertakings and revolutionary change in the society. It needs to be a crescendo of industrial prowess and creative scale. Same as it was with Soviet ascendance. 

Similarities are uncanny. But I already wrote about this exclusive league of nations who can create, truly. The foundation of it is a labor of people. Generally, people need a dream (not us, of course, we are too sophisticated and "deep", nah, I am screwing with you) but we still live in industrial world and ability to make things, small and immense in scale is what really matters. But I thought it was funny how universal Sviridov's incredible industrial music piece was. Not to speak of it being an icon of progressive rock, which Avtograph delivered with authority. 

It is Friday........

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