Friday, December 11, 2020

Queen's Gambit And Other Friday's Business.

Finished watching Queen's Gambit yesterday. A superb series--engaging (spare me this "feminism" crap), absolutely non-contrived, supremely acted out and Anya Taylor-Joy is not just the next real star, she is criminally, insanely beautiful. She is a radically improved version of Bjork but what she delivers dramatically--damn, girl. 

Now, they even got the Soviet/Russian part almost right, granted Moscow was shot in Berlin--yeah, I know, Moscow is expensive--but it all would have been alright, including getting a real Chaika, but for FFS, people, getting so much right, including even decent Russian, most of the time, but the boy asking about Vodka in Palace Moskva (meaning, of course, hotel Moskva, now Four Seasons). But then comes this Aeroflot stewardess--are you fucking kidding me? 

These are Aeroflot's flight attendants in 1967-68: 

I know, I was flying it already then. Yes, this is how Aeroflot's flight attendants looked like including uniforms they wore then. Who the fuck came up with a bizarre uniform? Just watch Part 7 to see what I am talking about. Other than that--it is a magnificent series which despite its "message" still delivers some truly great cinematographic art and engaging human stories. Soundtrack is also awesome. And the ending is truly magnificent. Did I mention that Anya Taylor-Joy is stunning? 

Here is another woman who is supremely talented and is a muse of David Lynch but is a truly rare musical talent, apart from being a remarkable FBI Special Agent Tammy Preston in Twin Peaks: The Return. Chrysta Bell is something special and is a musical talent in her own right. 

So, here is your Friday's fix.

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