Thursday, June 18, 2020

An Interesting Coincidence.

I do not know who reads me, if anyone at all, out of The American Conservative contributors, but the coincidence is remarkable. Two days ago (in fact, it is my long standing position) I posited: 
And then, of course, there is this little teeny-weeny issue of American "conservatism" which allegedly exists somewhere out there but is somehow obscured and is not allowed to manifest itself by this Conservatism Incorporated (aka Conservatism Inc.). Can we stop this charade, what goes under the title of American Conservatism Inc. IS THE American conservatism. It is a USA, USA, USA Ra-rah, NASCAR, NFL, flag waiving "conservatism" which is as conservative as I am Chinese. There is nothing conservative in American "conservatism" because it is radically Neo-liberal economically and ignorant culturally. As GOP demonstrated in the last couple of weeks it is not a conservative party. It hasn't been in ages. Real conservatism to be a viable ideology requires a nation and here is the problem, the United States never really coalesced into one and if any trend on true nationhood existed at some point of time, it was destroyed completely in the XXI century. Now the destruction is being formalized 
And yesterday TAC publishes this piece: 
The problem with the authors' argument about the Federalist Party is that despite this observation: 
It was at the constitutional convention, as well, that the term “Federalist” came into use to refer to the nationalist party and its program. Up until this point, Americans had used the terms federal and confederal interchangeably to describe the cooperation of the thirteen independent states under the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. However, as the constitutional convention opened in 1787, nationalists discovered that the word “national” was troubling in the eyes of some of the participants, precisely because it implied a single, unified nation rather than a coalition of independent states. The nationalists at the convention decided to concede on the semantics, while preserving the substantive achievement of a national government.
No condition exists today in the US for nationalist principles professed by Federalists--the world changed and so did the US, profoundly at that. One cannot even put in proper context this statement: 
But the Federalists were not supporters of a Jeffersonian policy of building a “wall of separation between church and state.” On the contrary, they hoped to cultivate a tolerant Protestant nationalism, which they believed would strengthen the constitutional republic they had created. 
I cannot even conceive how this statement applies to today's realities, both in terms of extreme forms of the so called "Protestantism", much, not all, of it being in the foundation of a disproportionate influence Israel exerts on American foreign and domestic policy, with a substantial number of Catholics adding to a complexity of the American society still. Modern American Protestantism is a militant proselytizing movement which to a large degree is responsible for growing "elites" who are complicit in the catastrophe which American foreign policy and military interventions has become in the XXI century. For a country which destroyed several countries, killed and maimed millions of people in the last 20 years term "tolerant" is inapplicable. Good intentions are only worth something when they translate into practical actions which support those intentions. 

American intentions in the last 80 years are those of ruthless proselytizing power drunk on the myth of own exceptionalism in which wisdoms of its founding have been long forgotten and do not work anymore in largely corrupted institutes of power. We can observe how corrupt they are in real time. Obviously there is NO American nation without its white Christian European core population, but this is not how American "elites" view the issue--they define it only in terms of political power, political creed and economic robbery model which are not only not helping but incredibly detrimental to emergence of the American nation, which, as US nemesis Russia, will have a core ethnicity which will embrace those ethnic minorities around it to become indeed an American nation. 

At this stage is this not even on the horizon, no matter how political process of founding was framed in 18th century. Remarkably, the chaos and open danger of Black Lives Matter and their handlers from Democratic Party and circles close to it may serve as a long awaited impetus for white majority to claim its status and rights as a stepping stone to formation of a real American nation. To do so America needs a national and real conservative party which will unify both white and minorities' voices which want to preserve the country and want to live in the modern state. GOP is NOT the party for this precisely because it is not a conservative party but a second fiddle to Democrats who are hell bent not only on destroying the US but due to their incompetence and insanity may even unleash a global war. Meanwhile, I think Atlanta Police, same as Seattle PD should simply stop reporting to work and allow "progressive" districts to get a load of their idealism by means of violence, robberies, rapes, drugs--you know Democrats' dear values and agenda.  

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