Thursday, June 11, 2020

It Is Accelerating.

First, I don't buy for a second this utter BS that US military is a-political. This is a type of baloney which makes one sick to the stomach. American political circus is built around "the finest fighting force in history" and US military is tightly woven into the fabric of US body politic. Second, in the last 25 years this military produced zero military figures of note but it sure as hell produced political "operators" who would sell themselves to a highest bidder. Which, of course, didn't prevent US top brass to lose every single campaign. Now this:
So, the guy apologizes for being next to POTUS in the photograph? The cowardice of the American military-political class is astonishing. Frankly, I never saw anything like this in my life. This is how being ungovernable looks like. Collapse of governing more like it. I wrote about US elites being incompetent and cowardly for many years--the events of the past weeks presented us with a manifestation of that. Tucker may lament a cowardice of GOP:
But haven't I told you that the only difference between increasingly insane--they reached eleven--democrats and GOP is the speed with which they will sell you. Democrats do it fast, GOP does it slightly slower. Come on, can you imagine boy Marko Rubio or Ted Cruz taking a leadership in anything? Of course not. The only bright figure in GOP ranks who exhibited a degree of integrity and courage in the last three years is Devin Nunes--boy, those dairy farmers are a tough lot and Devin certainly has a very impressive real life background in doing useful and hard thing. Other than that--it is a collection of self-serving BSers. 

As per this crap about US military being a-political, evidently the issue of subordination, especially to the President of the United States, is not well developed in it and, indeed, one has to think about the future in retirement--what sinecures on what boards of directors of what corporations will be offered and it is so risky for those poor generals and admirals to even think that their country is imploding right now. But then again, US military has no modern tradition of defending own country against aggressors, it primarily wrecks other countries (namely weak ones), so, for many US top brass a real defense is a fuzzy concept. Sure, they never heard about this: 
They also still cannot grasp (or, they don't want to) that the United States is in the stage of the implosion of the Constitutional Order and that the enemy is domestic--both bases are covered in their oath. Nope, they worry about what perceptions they create and how those perceptions may harm their careers, present and future. It is a sad, pathetic show seeing a man who is supposed to radiate resolve and firmness to bow to a crowd of hoodlums and media whores. It is forgivable for American politician--a euphemism for corruption and coward, but seeing cadre officer in the highest actual military position to humiliate himself this way is unprecedented. I guess, it is indeed up to citizens to defend the Constitution.

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