Monday, June 1, 2020

Russia Is So Immensely Powerful.

That these were Russian agents who arranged conceiving, giving birth, bringing up and then inserting Derek Chauvin into the Minneapolis PD  and arranging him effectively killing George Floyd, thus unleashing a mayhem in the US. Extraordinarily sophisticated operation. And once US cities exploded in rioting Russia started exploiting them to the fullest to undermine American Democracy. Same way as Russia undermined American Democracy in 2016 by electing Donald Trump POTUS. It must be true since Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser for Obama, says so. 
OK, let's clear some things, Rice, whose role in unleashing Russiagate is yet to be determined by appropriate Law Enforcement agencies, wouldn't be able to have a clue, despite her position as National Security Advisor, because Rice is a typical product of US "elite-manufacturing" machine which in the last 30 years produced an outstanding array of swindlers, morons, creeps and ignoramuses. She is a typical American bureaucrat who grew out of US "diplomacy" school which is a laughing stock of the world and is a euphemism for incompetence and being pathological liars. Yes, this is how far this whole thing fell. So, considering her background, when she states that she is not "reading intelligence today" two things should be understood here, all that means is that she is not capable anymore to manipulate and fake "intelligence" as she did before, plus, she wouldn't know the difference any way because she has zero serious background in real intelligence or any other issues concerning US actual security. Enough to recall her lying which led to her withdrawing her candidacy for the position of the Secretary of the State

But she is not alone, Scott Ritter had it today with this BS in his excellent piece in RT. How could this boy Rubio stay away from all this:
The United States today functions in a never-never land of fiction and fantasy when it comes to allegations of Russian meddling in its internal affairs. Logically speaking, most Americans should be insulted by the notion that their democratic institutions are so weak that a half-baked social media campaign could sway a national election (never minding the reality that former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg spent more than $500 million on advertising, run by the most sophisticated media support team in the history of American politics, and couldn’t get the electoral needle to move an inch). There is a truism that you cannot solve a problem without first properly defining it. In their effort to shift blame away from their own failings by alleging “outside” (i.e., Russia) sources of interference in the ongoing social unrest ravaging American cities, the politicians and leaders Americans look to for solutions are setting themselves up for failure, if for no other reason that any solution which is predicated on unproven allegations of Russian meddling isn’t solving the real problems facing American society today.
I entirely agree with Scott here. But as always I ask a question--where are competent people in this so called "elite"? There are none, no are there anymore courageous people with integrity. The nation which allowed itself to be mired for three years in one of the most stupefying, in its sheer cretinism, campaigns of smearing lawfully elected, however unsatisfying for some, OK, many, President based on "evidence" kindergarten kids would laugh at, why should we be surprised with the fact that none of those people have any answers to any problems. There are no people adequate to the challenge of addressing REAL problems anymore. Just these pathetic losers. 
This is revolting, but this is America today. This is how the end for the country looks like. This is also how NOT TO solve issues of race in America. This is a direct path to undermining any possible, and now highly unlikely, fleeting dialogue on race, which was sabotaged for decades by the so called American "left", which is not really left but shills for neo-liberalism and perks which come with the territory of racial bating and pretending to fight for the "rights" of the minorities, while merely exploiting real problems for personal gain. After all, in this one we all see who and what are doing:
Trump had a good idea on designating Antifa a domestic terrorist group, which it is (and it is not antifascist movement) but considering a complete implosion of governing and US Main Stream Media being hugely, albeit not entirely, responsible for that, I think some of them are long overdue for being called what they are--propaganda outlets with no responsibility for their actions. Put the blood of innocent on them--that could be a good start. As for Chauvin, just throw the book at him. As per REAL class struggle and real economy:
Stocks were slightly positive Monday, steadying against a backdrop of protracted protests in some of the nation’s largest cities, many of which had already been struggling to reopen amid the coronavirus outbreak.
And who would have thought. I think those people in the last video need to be immediately taught what broad equities baskets and portfolio investments are and how to code and that will address America's problems right away. /S.

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