Friday, June 19, 2020

About American "Conservatism", Again.

The United States doesn't have a true conservative party. All this BS about Burke, let alone mediocrity such as Buckley is as related to conservatism as I am related to Chinese. Tucker now learns that Heritage Foundation, allegedly "conservative" org is not really conservative--of course it is not, all American so called "conservative" movement is shaped by the Cold War anti-Russian chimera and, as I said many times now, is represented by GOP which is nothing more than a collection of cowards who are:

1. Neo-liberal (globalist) economically in the extreme; 
2. Are tax-cutting machine for really rich people;
3. Neocon cock sucking bunch of "exceptionalists" and war-mongering political outlet of the Military-Industrial Complex.

These are anything but conservative values. The rest is pretty much pseudo-academic political doctrine-mongering. Good for Tucker that he speaks this openly:
I want to reiterate though, while GOP can create only revulsion, Democrats are clear and present danger not only to the existence of the United States, but given their insanity, they are increasingly looking as a party capable, once it overthrows however utterly corrupt political order, to unleash a global conflict. As many noted, a monkey with a nuclear red button. Can you imagine explaining to some douchebag from democrats who has a degree in law and got to position of power (any power) what real global conflict will look like? It is beyond their experiences, which, BTW, applies fully to GOP too--practically all of them are office plankton and people capable only for BSing others in their attempts to hold on to power. If they need to suck somebody's cock--they will. At least most of them. 

Now, we are only at the beginning of major political tribulations for the United States, which will be compounded by the economic catastrophe unfolding in a front of our eyes, and in this time the American statehood will be degraded even more. I looked at Seattle yesterday--I do not recognize once loved by me city, it is dead. I, certainly, recognize Trump's conundrum here, there is a method to his cowardice, in the end--let America see what those "lefties" want for it. If this doesn't wake it up, the case could be closed, Statue of Liberty removed (after all the lady has all facial features of a white woman) and original US Constitution flown out of a country. But there is still some time but even Trump's landslide victory, granted elections will be held at all, will change absolutely nothing, because there is nobody out there who is not a treasonous backstabber who would move a finger to deal with the situation. In the end, look at their faces. Moreover, Trump himself is not really a man who understands governing and leadership. But the world already saw enough to conclude, correctly, that the United States is a colossus on the legs of clay which is crumbling in a front of our eyes. But then again, you read this blog, you know how it started and with what conclusions almost 6 years ago. As per real conservatism, which is a euphemism for a variety forms of nationalism--I don't see anybody on the American "academe" horizon who even has a concept of real nationhood. It is simply beyond America's historic experience in the last 100 years or so.

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