Sunday, June 14, 2020

He (She) Is One Hell Of A Boomer.

Russian Navy got its newest boomer of Borey-class (pr. 955A) three days ago. Prince Vladimir (Knyaz Vladimir) looks absolutely slick and you can see how he (she) differs from its pr. 955 (without A) in appearance. 
In other news Russia consecrated its newest cathedral. But I deliberately use here Al-jazeera's "reporting" since it brings up Alexander Goltz as "military expert". 

Alexander Goltz is anything but "military expert". He is a journo and a hack, typical occupation for Russian (Russian???) liberda, which subsists primarily on grants from Western NGOs, and the man has zero (in fact, negative) expertise on any military issue other than some re-processed Western BS propaganda on matters of war and peace. His place, probably, is in some "think tank" which provides pseudo-academic platitudes for whatever purpose is financed in or from D.C. And having this hack being called a "military analyst" is an insult to military professionals everywhere. I think he could be good as a chief editor for adult magazine or anything not requiring real expertise, there are some children's magazines out there, are they? But that is the fate of modern Russian liberda--people without education and any applicable skills. Yet, the Cathedral is open now and it is a powerful reminder of a sacrifice Soviet people made at the altar of historic Russia's independence.

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