Thursday, February 20, 2020

Why Russia Is A Clear And Present Danger To The US (or West)-IV.

Judge for yourself, no parents #1 and #2, only Mom and Dad. Atrocious. What a freaking backward country--just two genders. 
Marriage is only between a man and a woman--what a medieval satrapy this Russia is. Damn. And woman bears a child--what a strange concept, albeit this photo somehow is the best photo, in my mind, I saw in years and it speaks volumes. 
Now can you imagine what those damn Russkies are planning!? They dare to...keep capital in Russia and use it for developing country's resources and infrastructure.  Absolutely atrocious. 

What a dangerous country this Russia is. Meanwhile, after this monthly doze of Russia's increasing danger to the West, here is an excellent piece by Pepe Escobar from Saker's blog.
Few postmodern political pantomimes have been more revealing than the hundreds of so-called “international decision-makers,” mostly Western, waxing lyrical, disgusted or nostalgic over “Westlessness” at the Munich Security Conference. “Westlessness” sounds like one of those constipated concepts issued from a post-party bad hangover at the Rive Gauche during the 1970s. In theory (but not French Theory) Westlessness in the age of Whatsapp should mean a deficit of multiparty action to address the most pressing threats to the “international order” – or (dis)order – as nationalism, derided as a narrow-minded populist wave, prevails. Yet what Munich actually unveiled was some deep – Western – longing for those effervescent days of humanitarian imperialism, with nationalism in all its strands being cast as the villain impeding the relentless advance of profitable, neocolonial Forever Wars.
I like Pepe's (proper) use of the term constipated--succinct. 

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