Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Atlantic Partenrship (wink, wink).

I said it many times--for the United States Europe is just a market, the lunch to be eaten to extend the life of a buckling Empire, and EU better get used to itself as being nothing but a consumable. A sacrifice for the greater good to be brought at the altar of democracy and its main exporter and an expert in how democracy is supposed to work and what it means.  As Handelsblatt reports: 
Machine Translation: The Americans could soon be ready for the next strike against Nord Stream 2. If Russia tries to complete the missing kilometers of the pipeline in the Baltic Sea, the House of Representatives and the Senate are ready to enact another sanction law, it is said in diplomatic circles in Washington. This time it could hit the European investors involved in the project, or possibly the companies that want to buy the gas should it ever flow. It could all happen very quickly, it is said, possibly in February or March.

Germans worry. Of course they should--they killed their own energy sector (and continue to damage it as I type this).
Concern is growing in the German economy. "Without Russian natural gas, ambitious climate protection goals cannot be achieved in Germany in the short and medium term if we want to maintain affordable electricity prices and thus an energy-intensive industry," urged Oliver Hermes, Chairman of the East Committee of German Business, in a recent speech. His appeal: The EU must learn to defend itself. "If we don't find an effective answer to such extraterritorial sanctions, the European economy will become a game ball for Americans and Chinese." 
Hello, Germany? Read my lips, or, rather, read my syllables: you CANNOT have affordable energy without nuclear and cheap gas, period. And no, Russia is not going to allow you to employ her mammoth electric grid and generating capacity to compensate for your sheer idiocy when your electricity oscillations will threaten your grid and economy. All your "climate protection goals" are a complete anti-scientific BS, a figment of imagination of ignorant lefties who worship Musk and Bezos, virtue signal even when taking a shit at a public restrooms in Bundestag, while masturbating to Greta Thunberg. These are your elites Germany (I omit here the rest of Europe), deal with it. I understand this statement, in the end of this piece:
The European market is just as important for US companies as the American market for companies from Europe. Counter sanctions would be painful accordingly. However, the government in Washington should consider such a decision by the Europeans as the ultimate escalation. The consequences for the transatlantic relationship could hardly be calculated.
Exactly, and none of you, including France, Low Countries and Scandinavia will be competitive against US goods and very expensive energy once you achieved your "climate protection goals" and stop being competitive anywhere. So, the only faint hope for Germany are those Russkies who, frankly, do not give a shit about US sanctions and will complete the pipe. But in the end, a whole of Europe will do as the United States tells it to do and the United States will tell Europe to de-industrialize because the United States wants to live too. And there will be no consequences for transatlantic relations because all European elites are transatlantic elites, conditioned through indoctrination, blackmail and bribes to do what they are told to do by their masters in D.C. Time for Europe to experience allied relations to the full extent of the American geopolitical shaft. In the end, Europe and some parts of Latin America are the only places where American orders still matter.

Meanwhile, Russia is not interested anymore in Greater Europe, because Russia is too deep into Greater Eurasia project and she already made her "civilizational" mind up--EU is not in Russian plans in any way, let alone for some sort of integration. To integrate with WHO in Europe, and WHY? I always said that never again should the foot of Russian soldier step onto European soil under any circumstances. Let them deal with each-other and, something tells me we didn't see the last of Color Revolutions and Democratic Regime Changes--Europe seems like a good candidacy, plus US military democracy-radiating bases are already there, including in Germany, many of them. After all, Germany is an occupied country by those nasty Soviets, ah, wait...silly me, USSR doesn't exist anymore, but still, and Germany should behave herself as one. Europe made her choice long time ago, she must bear responsibility for that choice, even if it will be unpleasant and a painful process. I am sure an injection of a new doze of transatlantic values is long overdue for Europe. Repeat after me: Greta, Greta, Greta....

P.S. If anyone thinks that Nord Stream-2 sabotage may hit Russia, they should think twice, Russia, of course, wants to exclude Ukraine from any transit, but think strategically for a while--Germany is already hurting because of the sheer lunacy of her internal economic policies. Now get this: if European goods become very expensive and Russia has an economy which produces pretty much everything--put 2 and 2 together.  Plus, of course, unlike Germany Russia has enough TNT equivalent to not give a shit about threats from anyone. I'll give you a hint: 
German conglomerate Siemens has applied for a special investment contract to localize production of its high-capacity gas turbines in Russia. The move follows a 2017 scandal over the supply of Siemens turbines to Crimea.Under the terms of the contract, the components of the ‘hot gas path’ and the gas turbine automatic control system will be localized in Russia until the middle of 2023, according to the Siemens press service.
Too bad, for Siemens, it was too little, too late (in Russian). Yes, I know, this world is so unjust, wink, wink.  

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