Friday, February 14, 2020

Thank Heaven For Little Girls.

No, it is not really about Maurice Chevalier or, for that matter, stunning Leslie Caron from Gigi--we are long passed the blessed time when Hollywood gave us stunningly beautgiful and feminine women who, actually, were very big on their acting (and dancing, and singing) craft and were not really into politics. And the girls here are not really girls, especially Alyona Yarushina--a daughter of a legendary founder of Russian (Soviet, actually) folk-rock band Ariel, Valery Yarushin. Daughter took after father's talent. She is this "Thank heaven for little girls" phenomenon who does some incredible things with her voice and ability to remind many what a great music we are missing since 1960s. It is Friday after all, and when she sings...judge for yourself. If your heart didn't start to beat faster--you don't have any;)

You think you know what you are into? Think again.

Of course, real music is still alive and well. 

Of course, there is other Alyona who, well (again, well, I know--too many wells).... When you need to travel through space...

And a bit of fusion:

Even Justin Bieber's crap sounds excellent when is done by incomparable Sophie Lloyd. 

The real talent is out there and these girls they rock and it is not only Friday but it is Valentine's Day so, as Maurice Chevalier sang--Thank Heaven for Little Girls.  

Ah, hell with it, couldn't pass on this, just couldn't:

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