Friday, February 28, 2020

It Is Friday.

And I thought, why don't I mention two of the greatest lads on keyboards who influenced my life so profoundly in aesthetic sense. One of them is in heaven jamming it with Keith Emerson, one is still around and I was ecstatic to enjoy these two legends "rock it out". 

BTW, if one wants to hear one of the greatest renditions of the Summertime by Gershwin, check out Rick Wakeman's Rhapsodies Album from 1979. SOB, I saw Yes and him in 2002 on their 30th Anniversary of Fragile album and I and my daughter got to shake hands and talk to Roger Dean who also did album covers for Uriah Heep and Gentle Giant among many others. I never got to see Deep Purple and great, incomparable, Jon Lord. But here they are--the legends. Plus, the one of the last true great American movies I saw in a long time: 

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