Friday, March 10, 2023

They Do Grow Them Dumb...

... on the farm in DNC, which is in D.C. 

The US doesn’t “actually want Russia to lose too badly” in Ukraine, Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton claimed in an interview on Friday. While some Washington lawmakers have gone as far as to call for regime change in Moscow, the Kremlin has repeatedly stated that it will succeed in achieving all the goals of its military operation. "I don't know if it's good for the stability of the world if the Russian regime collapses,” Moulton told Luke Coffey of the Hudson Institute, a think tank funded by several NATO governments and US arms manufacturers. Citing the risk of nuclear proliferation that would come with the collapse of Russia, Moulton said that the “abject defeat of the Russians and the whole regime collapse is probably not what we actually want.” “We absolutely want Ukraine to win, we want Russia to lose, but we don't actually want Russia to lose too badly,” he continued.

LOL. But then again, being slightly pregnant is a metaphysical concept in the foundation of the modern Western higher education. It also fits well with Schrodinger's uncertainty principle, which is the main epistemic tool in covering up the ignorance and lack of education by US "elites". I know, it is difficult to admit that one is being run by imbeciles and perverts. In the world where Bill Maher passes for intellectual...

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