Tuesday, March 28, 2023


What can I say? LOL...

Russia’s Economy Is Starting to Come Undone

The author is some Bulgarian sore loser with all the boxes required for ignoramus checked. 

Georgi Kantchev is an award-winning freelance journalist, Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has been published in The Economist, Deutsche Welle and Kurier Vienna, among others. Georgi has international work experience across a range of media (print, online, radio) in the UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Germany and Switzerland. He has covered the fields of politics, economics, business, technology and the media. Working in English, German and Bulgarian, he has proven multimedia expertise. Georgi holds a MA with Distinction in Media Management from the University of Westminster in London and BA Journalism Summa cum laude from the University of Vienna

That's the WSJ for ya and the "level" of their coping. I would suggest them to visit Kensington Ave or Skid Row and ask "locals" for their expertise in geopolitics. 

In related news, as was expected, Russian Air Defense started to intercept yet another American wunderwaffe:

Russian troops have shot down a long-range Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday. It is the first time Moscow has reported downing such a weapon. In a statement, the ministry said that Russian air defenses “had intercepted 18 HIMARS [High Mobility Artillery Rocket System] missiles and one GLSDB guided missile.” While Russian forces have on numerous occasions thwarted attacks by US-supplied HIMARS, it is the first time the ministry has reported the destruction of a GLSDB smart bomb. The munitions were promised to Ukraine by US President Joe Biden in early February as part of a $2.17 billion military assistance package. In total, since the start of the conflict, the US has committed more than $32.5 billion in security aid to Ukraine.

Read my lips--I repeat it--for Tor-M2 and S1 Pantsir GJSDB and similar munitions are STANDARD, typical that is, targets. Tor M2 just recently shot down a few Excalibur rounds. Yes, Russian AD is that good, I dare to say it is the best in the world and by a gigantic margin. That is why Washington today stated that 404 doesn't need US fighter planes at this time. Sure. Just some points for this Tuesday.

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