Tuesday, March 21, 2023

In Order To Not Misread Things.

This is regarding Chinese peace plan. Read attentively Putin's words: 

Translation: “Of course, we have not ignored the situation around Ukraine. We believe that many of the provisions of the peace plan outlined by China are consonant with Russian approaches and could be taken as the basis for a peaceful settlement when they are ready for it in the West and in Kiev. However, so far we are not seeing such readiness from their side."

Moreover, yesterday's statement from Russian Foreign Ministry reacting to some initiatives from the West leaves no doubt about the nature of "negotiations" (a euphemism for articles of capitulation) which may precede any "settlement". 

МОСКВА, 21 мар — РИА Новости. США, Великобритания, Франция и Германия не могут претендовать на роль нейтральных посредников в мирном процессе по Украине, поскольку они участвуют в конфликте с Россией, заявили РИА Новости в МИД. Так там прокомментировали предложение бывшего главы Мюнхенской конференции по безопасности Вольфганга Ишингера создать контактную группу по Украине, чтобы "запустить мирный процесс". Участвовать в ней, по его мнению, должны Вашингтон, Лондон, Париж и Берлин. "Официально нам об этой инициативе ничего не известно. <...> Тем не менее идея Ишингера вызывает закономерные вопросы. Прежде всего потому, что все упомянутые четыре страны сами являются участниками конфликта с Россией, который продолжается на территории Украины", — сказали в МИД, уточнив, что узнали о предложении из прессы. 
Translation: MOSCOW, March 21 - RIA Novosti. The United States, Great Britain, France and Germany cannot claim the role of neutral mediators in the peace process in Ukraine, since they are involved in a conflict with Russia, the Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti. So they commented on the proposal of the former head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, to create a contact group on Ukraine in order to "launch the peace process." In his opinion, Washington, London, Paris and Berlin should participate in it. "Officially, we do not know anything about this initiative. <...> Nevertheless, Ischinger's idea raises legitimate questions. First of all, because all the four countries mentioned are themselves participants in the conflict with Russia, which continues on the territory of Ukraine," the source said. Foreign Ministry, specifying that they learned about the proposal from the press.
So, the SMO continues until utter destruction of remaining VSU and their NATO "volunteers", and Russian Army continues to gain new territories. Moscow's position on any Ukrainian "settlement" is well articulated and reiterated by Kremlin on many occasions. Those are de facto articles of capitulation for the remnants of 404 and, by extension, of the West: demilitarization, non-block neutral status of Ukraine, acceptance of the territorial realities, removal of all sanctions from Russia etc. These are key points, there are many other ones, including implied, such as respect for Russophone population in the remnants of Ukraine, which by implication means autonomy and eventual declaration of independence for such oblasts as Nikolaev, Odessa and Kharkov. 
As much as Douglas Macgregor doesn't know the history of WW II (he could be surprised to learn that the kill ratio between Axis and the Red Army on the Eastern Front was 1.3 to 1 in favor of Axis), he is absolutely correct in pointing out that Ukraine already de facto ceased to exist as a viable state, and that it seems that the order "to disengage" was given in the combined West and the US is desperately looking for exit. Yes, the signs are already in place. As per review of the outcomes, many good ones, of very busy work of both sides in Moscow, I will try to make video tomorrow, but it is already clear that the break of Russia from the West has been accomplished, and Russia supported Chinese Yuan as the other intermediate reserve currency (Russian-Chinese payment are now 65% in Yuans and Rubles) before, I guess, new currency will be worked out. I know that Washington and Brussels are looking at the events in Moscow in sheer terror. This is your primer for Tuesday.

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