Friday, March 3, 2023

Some Necessary Admissions From People In The Field.

Scott and Judge Napolitano discuss this admission:

Of course they didn't expect it, despite numerous warnings from people like Scott Ritter, Douglas Macgregor, Colonel Wilkerson, Daniel Davies and yours truly among very few others. I don't know what it will take to explain it to American politicians, most of who not only never served a day in the uniform, but cannot grasp even basic facts presented to them by Congressional Research Service in an easily digestible middle school book report form. Now, considering the fact, of which I am speaking ad nauseam, that the Russian Army didn't even combat deploy its mobilized 300,000+ reserves yet, and that there are enough true volunteers to conduct operations now, one can begin to appreciate the scale of the war Russia can conduct if the necessity arises, and that involves mobilization of the immediate reserve of roughly 2.5 million personnel. Make you own conclusions. It also stresses my point--last vestiges of competence and realism in the US are left in the US Armed Forces. The rest? Useless, credentialed ignoramuses.

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