Friday, March 10, 2023

Some Tables On Russian Navy.

I leave it here just for reference. 

Russian NEW (there are dozens of old active ones which are not in this table) SSKs. 

Now nukes in the category of SSN-SSGN, aka fast-attack and cruise missile carrying ones. Some of the contracted and under construction pr. 885M Yasens are also NOT shown in this table. Their total number will reach 11 by 2028-29. Newest strategic missile submarines (SSBNs) of Borei-class (pr. 955-955A) are also not tabulated.
Here are Gorshkov-class (pr. 22350-22350M) FFGs ONLY:

There is no table for 3 Grigorovich-class FFGs, 15+ corvettes of pr. 22380 and Zircon carriers 20385, as well as more than 30 pr. 21630 Buyan and 22800 Karakurt small missile ships, as well as modernized good ol' pr. 1155 such as Marshal Shaposhnikov (with Admiral Vinogradov undergoing deep modernization to Zircon carrier) and other crucial ships, such as Admiral Nakhimov et al.
So, the point is--just by looking at and taking in this info, one can clearly see a massive and constantly accelerating naval modernization program which is designed to not just "project power", it changes the naval warfare in the most revolutionary way not seen since the times of steam removing the sail and aircraft carriers sending battleships into the retirement. And mind you, this is done by the country with the "economy smaller that that of Italy", wink, wink:))

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