Friday, March 3, 2023

A Done Deal.

I agree, anyone with a brain knew it was coming. 

Consider this piece of the news from Ria:

БЛАГОДАТНОЕ (ДНР), 3 мар — РИА Новости. Все пути снабжения и отхода ВСУ из Артемовска находятся в зоне огневого поражения артиллерии "Группы Вагнера", рассказал РИА Новости боец подразделения."Холм, возвышенность, она была для этой местности стратегической, мы ее взяли успешно. Как только на нее поднимаешься, оттуда видны далеко окрестности — естественно, все подъездные пути, которые находятся севернее Бахмута (украинское название Артемовска. — Прим. ред.), мы видим, по этим подъездным путям уже не проехать, не пройти, как хотелось бы противнику", — заявил собеседник агентства.

Translation: Blagodatnoe (DPR), March 3 - RIA Novosti. All the ways of supplying and withdrawing the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Artemovsk are in the zone of fire destruction of the Wagner Group artillery, a fighter of the unit told RIA Novosti. "The hill, the hill, it was strategic for this area, we took it successfully. As soon as you climb it, you can see the neighborhood is far away - naturally, all the access roads that are located north of Bakhmut (Ukrainian name of Artemovsk. - Approx. ed.), we see, these access roads can no longer be driven, nor passed, as the enemy would like," the agency's interlocutor said.

Read the whole thing, it is pretty self-explanatory. It is also clear that the "withdrawal" is a euphemism for running and we can only guess how many of those VSU will be annihilated trying. But, as you may all know by now, Bakhmut is not strategically significant, wink, wink. I wonder what will be the next strategically insignificant city.

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