Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Support, Of Course))

Generally speaking, it begins to emerge as a desperate attempt by Kiev's regime at a false flag, that even Sleepy Joe had to restrain low lives' from Associated Press enthusiasm for BS they "report":

AP whores continue: 

It was not immediately clear whether Biden was suggesting that the missile hadn't been fired by Russia at all. Ukraine still maintains stocks of former Soviet and Russian-made weaponry, including the S-300 air-defense missile system.

Associated Press, please, read my lips--you employ morons (or another one who continues to write shit) who are uneducated and ignorant to such a degree, that even teenage war-gamer knows more about gigantic differences between old S-300 air defense missile from 1980s which VSU launched into Poland, as always hitting only civilians and missing alleged target (let's not discard false flag theory yet), and X-101 long-range (4,500 + kilometers) state-of-the-art stealthy cruise missile used extensively today on Ukraine's electrical system. The reaction of Pentagon was telling, at least there are still many professionals there who know the difference and have appropriate professional skills, unlike so called US "journalists", who are unemployable in any capacity requiring serious education and professional skills. When Joe begins to contradict your initial report of "Russian missile hitting Poland"--this is as humiliating as it can be. But then again, for people who have no professional honor, it is only natural to continue whoring themselves out. 

But, but... of course "all support in investigation" is not exactly a military support. Not really. Evidently, even the United States' crazies are not into global thermonuclear conflict over some shithole of a country and its clown who pretends to be a president. Money laundering, making profit for weapons' manufacturers, killing Russians--it is one thing, but being evaporated with all their loved ones and property, what's the point? I am waiting for the post strikes' reports on the state of Ukraine's railways, because once it is confirmed what I assume to be one of the major objectives of today's strikes by Russia, we can confidently state that Kherson WAS planned as a trap for a southern grouping of VSU-NATO force. Without adequate supplies (no, you cannot do this by trucks only, especially armor), the reduction of this force will proceed apace, until General Staff decides to swing some forces to the South to block Nikolaev and Odessa, and eventually liberate them (liberation of Kherson is implied in this "equation"). But we have to be patient and wait. In the end, Russia may run, yet again, out of missiles tomorrow, after tomorrow and continue to run out of them for weeks ahead. Hey, Kiev demanded reparations from Russia--here they are, incoming...

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