Thursday, November 3, 2022

Alexander Speaks Some Sense.

Of course, Prince Potemkin being a favorite of Catherine the Great and the founder of Tavrida Governorship, which saw Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson etc. being established.  

Ukraine, of course, didn't exist then, but it is difficult to explain to morons from Ivy League "history" and "international relations" courses because, as I am on record, most of the US "diplomacy" is populated by provincial simpletons, like Anthony Blinken, who are only good at:

I am not going to discuss "Skunk" Baxter's guitar playing, because my most favorite Steely Dan albums are Gaucho and Aja (FYI, Mark Knopfler plays on Gaucho), which is NOT the first rate, but that is the modern US government.  I am sure Tony tries to convince himself that he is not a shlimazel. I agree, he is merely a schmuck.

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