Thursday, August 25, 2022


Kinda no comments are necessary.  

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch city of The Hague on Thursday said it would ask for a temporary exemption of EU sanctions against Russia, as it struggles to find a replacement for its contract with Russian gas supplier Gazprom in time. Sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine order governments and other public bodies to end existing contracts with Russian companies by October 10.

As report details:

For The Hague, this means it has to find a new supplier of gas to replace its existing agreement with Gazprom.The city said it held an EU-wide tender in June and July, but failed to attract any bids from potential suppliers.

Or maybe I need to comment just a teeny-weeny bit. And that goes extremely well with this UK piece of news. Thanks to Dean Nor for pointing this out: 

Ukrainian refugees and British hosts have hit out at the Homes for Ukraine scheme that has seen families on both sides feeling abandoned by the British government. A British mother who opened her door to two Ukrainians says she feels 'totally used and underappreciated' and has vowed to 'never again' take part in the scheme. Clara Maguire, 54, from Poole, Dorset, is one of a growing number of Britons who have quit the programme following a breakdown in relations with their displaced guests. Others claim they have been 'duped' by 'non-vulnerable' Ukrainians, while many have yet to receive a penny of the monthly £350 payments promised by the government - some six months after Vladimir Putin's tanks rolled over the border.

Just gets to show you: always study the subject, do your due diligence, before committing to any kind of sappy sentimental scheme concocted within deep recesses of inflamed and irrational minds such as BoJo's or other EU cretins, keeping in mind that it was combined West which unleashed the war in Ukraine in 2014 when overthrew corrupt but a legitimate government of Yanukovich. Welcome to the land of the consequences. You know, cause and effect--the concept long ago forgotten in what once was the realm of Enlightenment and rational thinking. It is especially painful, I am sure, in the land of Newton and Shakespeare. But then again, does such a society deserve a pity? 

EXCLUSIVE: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is accused of 'violating history' by portraying Joan of Arc as non-binary in new play using the pronouns 'they' and 'them'. 

I thought so. Something tells me that Juliett was transgender and Romeo was gay. I believe 'violating history' is the only thing they teach in modern Western "elite" diploma mills, otherwise, how can you justify existence in the alternative universe.

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