Monday, August 15, 2022

A Personal Touch.

I made a video today in which I gave a bit of a personal touch which is needed in these times. It is about everyday common people relations in the US, Russia and Europe. You can see the video here:

In this video I make a special "deviation" regarding this piece in Ria.

ДОНЕЦК, 15 авг — РИА Новости. В корпусе американской морской пехоты, военнослужащие которой сражаются за Украину, есть пророссийские настроения, часть солдат на верит западным СМИ и считают политику США на Украине преступной, заявил РИА Новости Джон Марк Дуган — журналист и бывший морпех, уехавший в ДНР."Все слышали, что корпус морской пехоты (США) воюет на стороне Украины, я слышал об одном парне, которого уже взяли в плен. Он ошибся. И, живя здесь, я думаю, что многие из морской пехоты, вернувшиеся домой, понимают нас. Со мной связались несколько бывших коллег из корпуса, которые поддерживают российскую сторону и не верят западной лжи. Так что я не могу сказать за других, но в Америке есть довольно пророссийские последователи, не все это осознают", — говорит Джон Марк Дуган. При этом, по его словам, есть и те, кто считает действия США преступными.

Translation: DONETSK, August 15 - RIA Novosti. In the US Marine Corps, whose soldiers are fighting for Ukraine, there are pro-Russian sentiments, some of the soldiers do not believe Western media and consider US policy in Ukraine to be criminal, John Mark Dugan, a journalist and former Marine who left for the DPR, told RIA Novosti. “Everyone heard that the Marine Corps (USA) is fighting on the side of Ukraine, I heard about one guy who was already taken prisoner. He was wrong. And living here, I think that many of the Marine Corps who returned home understand us "I was contacted by several former colleagues from the corps who support the Russian side and do not believe the Western lies. So I can not speak for others, but there are quite a few pro-Russian followers in America, not everyone realizes this," says John Mark Dugan. At the same time, according to him, there are those who consider the actions of the United States criminal.

If you have noticed, while being absolutely brutal in my criticizing of American "elites" in general, and Biden's regime in particular, I increasingly begin to make a distinction between Americans and Europeans as population. While visceral Russophobia of American "elites" is well known, Americans in general differ from Europeans on that issue, actually, dramatically. Vast swaths of regular European population hate Russia sincerely and by conviction. This is different from not only mine but other Russian's experiences in the US. This is not to say that everything is fine and dandy in the US in relation to Russians. It is the issue I will continue to address, because anecdotal evidence (well, huge sample size actually) pouring in from Russians and people like Russian Germans about average Europeans' attitude, including even police, towards Russians is horrendous. I will provide examples later, in different posts, but some things are reminiscent of pre-WW II attitudes towards Jews in Germany. This explains a fanaticism and brutality towards Russians from primarily European mercenaries, be them from Poland, Sweden or UK--they hate Russians as such, as culture, as humans, as untermensch. Europe is going back to its roots... There is nothing to talk about with it.

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