Wednesday, August 24, 2022

On Wunderwaffe Thinking, Again. And Some Other Items.

As I was pretty much from the git go on record--the time frame of SMO was only a secondary consideration relative to political objectives of SMO, which are a destruction of the present Ukrainian terrorist state with as much saving of human life as possible. Generally that is why it is called SMO (Special Military Operation), because should it have been a real war we would see Kiev's center pretty much flattened, political "elite" of 404 exterminated and we would see much higher civilian casualties. This is not the case at all. As Shoigu today stated, again, the slowing of the offensive operations is a deliberate measure aimed at minimization of civilian casualties (in Russian). Many armchair generals wouldn't like the numbers of allowed civilian casualties in case of a real war, especially when taking such cities as Mariupol or Nikolaev, which is coming next.

Sadly, not all political observers understood this and other operational realities of SMO, with some of them going even as far as suggesting that Russia has to wrap SMO up as fast as possible in order not to leave combined West any opportunity to "escalate" and provide enough armaments to VSU to counter SMO. As life has shown, as it is almost always the case--Russian General Staff knew better. I also warned, since 2014 actually, that combined West doesn't have material and technological means of fighting Russia in Eastern Europe without losing catastrophically. Western weapons turned out to be nothing more than commercial items not designed to fight the modern war, plus--no Western economy, including the United States has the capability to produce them in needed quantities anyway. Not even close. 

So, in a bizarre twist of a geopolitical roller-coaster, it is almost expedient for Russia to drag it as long as possible, because the longer SMO continues now, the deeper and more desperate combined West becomes because of the realities of its largely fictional economy. Not to mention the fact that no Western weapon system can do anything to change outcome of SMO which is obvious to anyone with a half-brain. In another Wunderwaffe news, the US now sends Ukraine some NASAMS air defense complexes (in Russian), and as you have guessed already, these complexes traditionally, as everything before them, be that Holy Javelins, Stingers, M777, HIMARS etc., are also described as "game-changers", wundetwaffe and equalizers of chances. It is expected from the Western "experts", who, obviously, are stuck in the propaganda reels of the First Gulf War, that not only those complexes are DOA, but they are nothing more than AIM-120 AMRAAM missile stuck into the ground based container, tied into the "distributed" radar network and... well, that's about it. 

The latest version of the NASAMS based on the AMRAAM ER (Extended Range) missile allegedly has a 50 kilometer range, while previous version has 30 kilometer range and in general, this is a system designed primarily for fighting backward air forces and low "weight" missile salvos. You can read the booklet here. What version is being delivered to Ukraine I don't know, but I don't think that the US will be too happy to see AMRAAM ER ending up in one of the research institutes in Russia and that will happen with 100% certainty, as was the case with all other "super-pooper" weapons the US sent to Ukraine, including this vaunted (rather, unimpressive against serious AD) HIMARS which is now being studied by Russia. And then, of course, there is this issue of ECM and no Western system with radar homing ever encountered a serious jamming. Not to mention the fact, that modern tactical and operational manuals on Air Defense are being rewritten by Russia and the US has no access to that data arrays, only superficially observing SMO from the afar. But that is a separate topic altogether. 

Meanwhile the boy from Paris, warns:

France is headed toward the “end of abundance” and “sacrifices” have to be made during what is a time of great upheaval, President Emmanuel Macron told his cabinet on Wednesday upon returning from summer break. The country has faced multiple challenges lately, ranging from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine to the unprecedented drought that has battered the whole European continent this summer. Yet, Macron believes that the crisis is actually of a much bigger scale and that structural changes are imminent. “Some could see our destiny as being to constantly manage crises or emergencies. I believe that we are living through a tipping point or great upheaval. Firstly, because we are living through... what could seem like the end of abundance,” he said. The country and its citizens must be ready to make “sacrifices” to meet and overcome the challenges they are facing, he continued. “Our system based on freedom in which we have become used to living, when we need to defend it sometimes that can entail making sacrifices,” Macron added. 

Hey, he got that right. Obviously, it will not be him who will be making "sacrifices", but French voted for that, and, frankly, I am getting a little bit tired from listening to these constant excuses that, no, we didn't vote for him (her), or the elections "were stolen", etc. Can we stop this charade? You vote the way you fight the war--you win, by a landslide. If people didn't vote for Biden (OK, let's assume that some voter fraud did take place), Macron or BoJo, how come they run their respective countries? Even considering some voting irregularities and incessant propaganda of the respective partizan media. No, by mere law of large numbers, Biden had a support of a huge portion of the US electorate. Macron was re-elected by French. So, can we stop this whining? It is, in the end, not just corruption of the whole election process, but of the population which continues to vote for own demise. Sorry, friends, but that's how to cookie crumbles. Russians elected Yeltsin, twice, even considering the obvious manipulation of election results in 1996. Russians paid the price. In the end, it is all about national unity in seeing problems. 

How about this "unity"?  

This is not the issue of elections, it is the issue of serious mental illness of the combined West as a whole, and the signs of it are everywhere. I loved PJW's great eye for detail. You say, do not use the broad brush? I say, nothing wrong with using it now. 

And here is the issue--that sets the US a little bit apart from, in this particular case, UK. US still retains its guns and a culture of a manliness. 

Report: Armed Citizen Foils Mass Shooting, Kills Indiana Mall Attacker

That is why I am always on record: while the United States itself faces a huge upheaval and even disintegration, a strong undercurrent of a classic, meaning normal, human values exists here. This may play its crucial role down the road. And yes, we have our guns to defend our homes in case the law and order breaks down. Europe, meanwhile, is encapsulated in this single photo of a father using own daughter to protect himself--this is the level of instincts, my friends, and the instincts are appalling, as is a society which promotes such "values". Defending a child is more than just matter of love, it is biological, deep inside our DNA. No wonder those types of people are the ones who vote for human trash, cowards, narcissists and psychopaths. 

Or, look at the Beltway.  And yes, they still live in the alternative universe:

Just read the whole thing, in order to, yet again, discover, that India didn't say a word on that and that the whole India's "position" is a fully made-up shit by creeps from Bloomberg. Why, down in the text, we read:

Kikukawa didn’t comment on how Indian officials view the price cap. An Indian finance ministry spokesperson didn’t respond to calls seeking comments.

Get it? Western "journalism" at its "best". And yes, Russia is about to run out of ammo and VSU is about to mount a massive counter-offensive on Kherson and soon will end up at the gates of Moscow. Here is your primer for Wednesday.      

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