Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Speak of the Devil.

Today's session of Russian government on electronics. 

Translation: “In the first half of the year, we held a strategic session, determined the perspective look of the electronics industry, outlined very specific goals and objectives and (methods. - RT ) to achieve them. The industry will receive unprecedented, I would say, funding, and it is “long”, we have made plans for eight years, ”TASS quotes him.

Now, consider the fact that Russia is awash in cash and this program (in Russian) is much more than some isolated electronics sector. It is comprehensive and involves development of the machine building complex for electronics, and that is the thing which creates a lot of nervousness in the West. FYI, Taiwan and its TSMC is not exactly "independent" in its manufacturing wink, wink, ASML, cough-cough. Considering what Russia's REAL scientific-technological capability is, I would say the prognosis for this program succeeding is good.

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