Monday, August 15, 2022

Larry Echoes the Sentiment.

He reviews this piece of crap by some ignoramus, granted bestowed upon with some serious STEM degrees in which this "scholar" states about Russia this:

Larry exploded, as any honorable and cultured man would, with this: 

He proceeds then to maul the sheer idiocy this Dr. Jacob Fraden produced about Russia while having no clue about the subject he is writing about. But... wait a minute, wait a minute, even the brief excurse into this Fraden's bio reveals that he is actually from... Russia. Namely from Yekaterinburg and he is a classic, Exhibit A of a STEM educated Julia Ioffe or Masha Gessen. He is a Soviet Jewish immigrant with scores to settle with Russia, and because of that he, same as dumb Rebekah Koffler (granted of German ancestry), or Mikhail Khodorkovsky, inserted himself into the lucrative "Russia Study" field by drawing (evidently he is also an artist) a caricature on Russia as many before him did. Not all Jewish though. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was not Jewish but amount of excrement, revered primarily in the West, he poured on Russia and Russians is huge. 

Fraden is not Solzhenitsyn and I guess the mysterious abbreviation he uses as his alma mater--UPU--without disclosing what it is, stands for as it was known then Urals Polytechnic Institute from, at that time Sverdlovsk. I am guessing what this mysterious abbreviation stands for. Could be something else, but this Ph.D is from USSR. He is an Exhibit A of the main reason why US "elites" and media are completely ignorant on the world outside, and on Russia in particular, because the United States "academe" and discourse definers are main receptacles for the pseudo-academic excrement of such Russian "scholars" as this Dr. Fraden, who should concentrate more on whatever the main specialization of his Ph.D. in sensors was and leave serious issues of geopolitics to professionals. Larry is one of such professionals who, actually, represents the best in American mind and is a TRUE American Thinker, unlike it is the name of publication which gives the voice for such shysters from history and geopolitics as Mr. Fraden is. Read the whole piece at Larry's excellent blog.        

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