Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Pardon My French...

But no shit! Didn't I warn about it more than seven years ago? So, now the US side admits it.

The world is reshaping into a tri-polar configuration, with the US, Russia and China being the "great powers," a top American general has said. He then explained why he thinks the US must "put a premium" on keeping its influence. Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, admitted that the years of US domination may be over.

Milley believes that maintaining the peace between the "great powers" in a tri-polar configuration will be significantly more difficult than in Cold War times, when two powers were at odds. Rapidly developing technologies also add up to the complexity, according to the general, with the world becoming "potentially much more strategically unstable than, say, the last 40, 50 or 60 years."

I am not going to lie--for the last decade or so I don't take any geopolitical and military assessments coming from the United States' establishment, even less so from the European one, seriously. And here is the issue, the use of tenses is wrong; this one because we are not "entering into a tri-polar world" we are ALREADY in it. But hey, as they say, better late than never. There is no military solution for the West's crisis because West will cease to exists as such in case it tries. Yet, some signs are hopeful. 

We don't know what CIA Director Burns and Nikolai Patrushev really talked about, but I can bet my ass on that "hackers" issue was not the most important item on their agenda. 

What did they talk about? I will go out on a limb here and will say that at the center was a discussion of the American "proposition" on how to "divide" the world into the spheres of interest without unleashing a major war. Russian media were extremely sterile when reporting on this visit--couple of general words and that's about it. The acceptance of the fact that Pax Americana is no more is a good start but that is not enough. By far the most important issue here is recognition by the United States of its own real scale and power. This seems to be a good start.

The Biden administration is reportedly considering a revision to US nuclear doctrine, with national security officials said to be debating whether to declare that the “sole purpose” of its atomic stockpile is deterrence.The National Security Council is holding a series of inter-agency meetings this month regarding changes to the US’ “nuclear posture,” according to the Washington Post. Unnamed officials told the paper a new nuclear policy would be announced in early 2022.President Joe Biden is said to be in favor of the revision, which would narrow the circumstances in which the US would use nuclear weapons. If ratified, they would be used only to deter a direct attack or retaliate after a strike. During his campaign for the presidency in 2020, Biden expressed his support for a ‘sole purpose’ declaration and pledged to put it into practice.
But that is not enough, If this happens--great, but the combined West is in a full scale "warm" war against Russia and until the issue of Country 404 is resolved a lot remains to be talked about, because Russia DOES NOT want to feed this shithole. 404, however, is desperate to start some shit in a desperate attempt (on advice from its US and European curators) to get Russia involved, not understanding that such an involvement will mean a catastrophic end to 404's statehood and utter demolition of its military, security and political institutions. I am 100% positive that Patrushev explained to Burns how this may end badly. I am pretty sure that was one of the main issues discussed in Moscow and Burns was, most likely, put on notice that once 404 decides to "go big", Russia wouldn't care how many American (NATO) military and "intelligence"instructors, who infest 404, will die in the first 30 minutes of Russia's response. 

CIA played and continues to play a crucial role in destabilization of 404 but Russians are not exactly Taliban, which still handed a humiliating military and political defeat to the United States, and they have the exact targeting for most places where NATO people are concentrated. So, once 3M14s and X-101s get airborne those people will have around 20-30 minutes to get out of the way, if those will be Iskanders and Kinzhals--they will have no time. Make your own conclusions, Iran, at least, gave ample warning. 
In related news, Vladimir Putin basically confirmed what we all already know that Zircon begins serial procurement starting in 2022 (in Russian), he also pointed out that he is satisfied with both Kinzhal and Peresvet confirming their "unique" characteristics. He also stressed (yet again) the importance of AI and speaking about GOZ-2033 (State Defense Order) he mentioned some new weapons, without specifying them, so, I guess, more robots, faster hyper-sonic weapons, increased speed of decision making and who knows what else, I am sure some S-600 or 700 is already in works. I am also sure the so called 6th generation aircraft will appear down the road there too. All that to provide Russia with state-of-the-art defense capability which also will ensure that the planet remains relatively peaceful any cataclysms in the combined West notwithstanding. 

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