Tuesday, November 9, 2021

For Those Who Know Russian...

 ... and have time to do some brief translation, that would be greatly appreciated. Just regular video of Russian Germans self-organizing in their return to Russia. There are very many of them who are already on the move and who are about to. Especially important is the phone call while in the car, when Vladimir (who is German visiting from Germany) and German family who help Russian Germans in their move to Russia speak to another Russian German guy who already made up his mind after his vacation in Spain and France and concluded that it is over for him and his family. One comment in Russian under this video in YouTube is telling:

Translation: Our Dear Germans, come back. You are needed in Russia. Don't be afraid of problems with moving, here, even when moving inside the country there are always problems. Most important, if your soul is languishing there (in Germany), do not suffer, just come back. For those who are feeling good there, God bless them.  

Vladmir is visiting Belgorod and some shots from there are very instructive, life in Russia goes on everywhere and Belgorod is a lovely forest-steppe town also known for Kursk Battle in 1943, and it grows today, not least through Ukrainians who moved to Russia after 2014. 

The reason I post this video, however, and consider it important is the fact that Russian (broadly--Soviet) Germans (and now German Germans in addition) are great demographics to judge both the state of West and Russia. Russian Germans are becoming a river of people returning home, while German Germans seriously considering to move or already moving to Russia are now numbered in many thousands. Apart from warm human story and people finding themselves there are other very important markers in these stories which are not immediately noticed by Westerners. As Vladimir notices when shopping in Auchan, some of his native German acquaintances visited Kigiziya recently and as he mocks them were shocked by the supermarket in Bishkek that "there is also food here!" OK, that's Kirgizya and many Westerners have no knowledge of the area, but truth is, many (due to propaganda) still think that once you get outside Moscow or St.Pete's glitz you will see utter poverty and drabness. Well, visiting suburbia in said Belgorod or Novosibirsk, especially in new areas may create a serious cognitive dissonance for many from the West. 

Here is a lovely brand new house in Tyumen in one of Tyumen's many new communities, around $100,000 or around R 7,200,000. 

You will be surprised how many people can afford such a loan in Russia. Some pay cash. Granted, Tyumen is a boom-town (mid-size city, really) and things are more expensive in the capital of Russia's service (as in producing equipment and maintenance) industry for oil and gas, among many other sectors of manufacturing. And then, of course, there are only two genders in Russia and all that combined makes a huge difference. All this gives us some glimpse of a tectonic processes in Germany (and Europe) and those may play a huge role down the road, that is why I treat them as a significant occurrence.

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