Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Couple Of (Important) Points.

Mark Chapman (The New Kremlin Stooge), thank you Mark, pointed out to this news which created a lot of consternation in Trump's Admin. As Russian daily Gazeta.Ru titled it: Nord Stream-2 Broke Through All Obstacles (in Russian). Denmark folded and the road to completion of this strategic pipe-line is open. Deutsche Welle reported on that. New sanctions from the US? You can bet your house and 401K, if your have any, on that. But the choice is Europe's (ahem, Germany's) if Germany still wants to preserve what's left of her industry, which, of course, is the matter of national survival. It is slightly more than mere bread and butter issue. Meanwhile Russians and Chinese begin to run the world in accordance to their own vision. 
Russia and China have blocked a proposal at the United Nations Security Council aimed at keeping open two border crossings that channel aid into Syria’s opposition-held northwest from Turkey. Russia, which backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the conflict, previously made clear its intent to veto the proposal, despite last-minute hopes the Kremlin might abstain. According to Reuters, Russia and China want to approve only one aid crossing from Turkey for a period of six months.
Obviously, the UN definition of "opposition" is a complete baloney since involves a lot of jihadist element supported by the West and, before Western powers begin to shed crocodile tears about "humanitarian situation" in Syria, they, together with Turkey, better look in the mirror to see responsible for this catastrophe. 

But if that wasn't bad enough for Western propensity to support all kinds of democratic jihadists, news from this Eurasian Front are getting even worse for the Empire which is the process of a complete implosion. 
The author of this piece does provide a look at the rationale' for this new massive pipe-line for both sides. Of course, COVID-19 features prominently there and people from Moscow's Carnegie Center (why not then just go to CIA and ask directly) offer their views. China's rationale', however, is very clear: it is geopolitical and no amount of fluffy platitudes can obscure the unfolding of the conflict between the US and China and China's necessity to have energy supplies secured. No, of course, the author still tries to look academic and concludes:
Despite the favorable environment, it is yet to be seen whether a deal can be struck. In the case of Power of Siberia-1, it took four years to sign a contract from the moment terms and conditions were agreed. Furthermore, construction took five years after the long-term contract agreement was signed. Power of Siberia-2 could take a similar amount of time meaning it could be operational around 2030. Gazprom’s flexibility in considering the Mongolia route offers an additional advantage. Russian gas could be supplied to the heavily polluted capital city Ulan Bator which ranks among the most polluted cities in the world. Poverty and a relatively small state budget rule out big energy projects that would bring cleaner fuels to Mongolia's cities. The Power of Siberia-2 pipeline, therefore, is a unique opportunity. However, the biggest beneficiaries would be China and Russia because the pipeline could further solidify the political and economic integration of the world's second-biggest economy with the world's largest energy producer.
My only question here is this--is this dude fvcking for real. Did I just read his rating China's monstrous economy as the "second-biggest" in the world? Well, there goes your Western expertise (or is it mental incapacity?) when economy which dwarfs that of the US (I assume, "number one") is called "second-biggest". You make your conclusions how much such an "analysis" is worth. As if the butt-hurt hasn't been evident through this piece of "analysis", Russia confirmed that:
MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 08th July, 2020) Deliveries of the Russian-Chinese CR929 long-range twinjet aircraft may start in 2028 or 2029, Ravil Khakimov, the head of Russian manufacturer Irkut Corporation (part of United Aircraft Corporation), said on Wednesday.
I guess I don't need to elaborate on what I elaborated not for once that CR929 is effectively a dam on the flow of the Western wide-body commercial aircraft to China, yes, that "second-biggest" economy's gigantic air-travel market. How large is this market. Let me give you some visual representation of the size of that market in one of the sectors which was always viewed as West's dominated--automobiles. You know, motor-vehicles. 
Observe, in motion, how US "elites" sold out own country and its people, and continue to so as I type this, for a few dollars more. The faster they recognize (they will--this is not the issue, the issue is to keep them away from military) that it is over for them and that they are losers both externally and internally, the less pain will be inflicted on the majority of Americans and many people outside the US. In the end, combined West thought it had it all, whatever it was--it is not there anymore. 
Airbus SE failed to secure any aircraft orders for a third month this year, as the collapse in global air travel battered demand for new jetliners. 
It is not true, actually, Russia and China need many of those. But Russia's MC-21 couldn't have come out at a better time. As couldn't new Russian Constitution. But that is the whole other story, a gigantic one.  

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