Friday, July 3, 2020

Independence Day.

Not the one you thought, though. I guess there is truly a great irony that first real Russian Constitution, or rather amendments which make it such, which declares Russia's full sovereignty from the combined West comes into force on July 4th, 2020. Vladimir Putin signed those amendments which were passed with overwhelming vote by Russia's citizens today. 77.9% of Russians voted for this new Constitution (in Russian). There is more to this Constitution than mere primacy of the Russian Law over any "international" law--euphemism for West's self-proclaimed monopoly on judgement and its largely degenerate modern values. It is the end for Russia's experiment with "liberalism". 

The United States was active in trying to sabotage this referendum and in doing so... put out LGBT flag on US Embassy in Moscow.
Vladimir Putin's comment was very short on this issue: 
That was purely Russian response with a profound second meaning many people in US Embassy, let alone some media pundits in US, due to their ignorance wouldn't even get. Those who know, they will understand. With a smile, because it is very close to truth. What a funny coincidence. As for US Independence Day. I couldn't put it better than James Kunstler who wrote today an excellent piece. And looking at the mayhem unleashed in the US, one, even out of most basics American patriotism, has very little to celebrate. Yet, we all here, in the US, will get to our grills, open beer and many, very many--I am absolutely sure--will contemplate the fate and history of the United States which is being erased as I type this. Thus the recognition of Russia being the last vestige of West's normalcy becomes even more poignant, especially on a true Independence Day for Russia.   

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