Saturday, July 18, 2020

On The Issue Of Federalism.

Here is yesterday's discussion on the behavior of Oregon's seditious and treasonous authorities and how the so called federalism really doesn't work. 
The reason it doesn't work is because Americans are really not a nation and never existed as such for the last 50 years at minimum. Add here these proverbial States' Rights and US main stream media which are primarily staffed with human compost driven by hatred and egos, and you have a recipe for disaster. And disaster it is, because any state or city in the US now can be occupied by any combination of insane and agenda-driven lunatics, elected by their own kind in a farce which in the US is called "free elections" and there you go--federal authorities can go and screw themselves even in case of the country being torn apart, in our particular case, by people who in the normal country will be hunted down and arrested  for treason or any other high crimes. Not in the US, which shows, apart from a complete insanity in the foreign policy, a complete impotence in governing and is trying hard to reach the status of a filed state. Some vast areas of the US are already failed cities and states, ranging from Seattle to Portland and NYC, from Oregon to California. 

In the same time here is another example. Russian authorities arrest an acting governor of Khabarovsk Region Sergei Furgal. The guy is, as is expected from Far East since 1990s, in effect, a mafia leader and is directly complicit in the murders of several businessmen in the region. Western media immediately, as is expected, begin to "report" of all kinds of BS on this issue and even state that: 
An estimated 10,000 people have marched through the Russian city of Khabarovsk for a second weekend running to demand the release of a popular regional governor after he was arrested on suspicion of murder. Crowds gathered in the far east city in support of Sergei Furgal following his detention and transfer to Moscow for trial. They say accusations against the one-time businessman – a member of the ultra-nationalist Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia – are both baseless and politically motivated. Protestors believe the 50-year-old has been targeted because his popularity both here and further afield make him a potential threat to Vladimir Putin. His arrest, officially on suspicion of several murders dating back 15 years, came less than two years after he swept to power in the region by trouncing an opponent from the president’s own United Russia party.
For mentally (and morally) challenged Western media it is beyond their grasp, even when one accounts for Russophobic agenda, that this arrest is one of many sweeping Russia in dealing with the "heritage" of 1990s which saw organized crime penetrating political power at the highest level and that it is not about "elections". They say there were 10, 000 people--not a big number for a city of more than half-a-million (larger crowds visit soccer matches in the province) and those "protesters" are mostly from organizations and businesses controlled by criminal groups. Let them "protest" as long as as it is peaceful. But people from Investigation Committee and FSB are already on the ground and the removal will continue because in Russia a concept of rule of law and of public safety is increasingly enforced with all required power and the overwhelming vote for new Constitution is a proof for that, because it is a national Constitution and a real federal law. 

Meanwhile, in the US, there is still no indictments. I doubt any are coming. In the country with pretend-play laws, real crimes can only be punished by pretend-play indictments. 
by pretend-play courts and pretend-play justice. That's American federalism for ya, folks.

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