Thursday, July 9, 2020

They Are Scared, Well, Too Bad.

You know by now my attitude to what passes in the modern West, especially the US, for "intellectual elite". I am on record when stating that this is no elite nor is it "intellectual".  In general, it is badly educated (Ph.Ds from Ivy League schools in humanities are a worthless garbage in mostly pseudo-sciences) and highly delusional cabal of people whose only skills lay in the doctrine-mongering and interpreting the world wrongly. I recall some 20 years ago some gathering (shown on C-SPAN) dedicated to late Barbara Tuchman and, in general, some sort of review of history as a science. Among accolades to her, parallels between the United States and Roman Empire were drawn continuously in a couple of presentations by different historians. I was struck then, how uncritical, if not downright amateurish drawing of such parallels was. 

Yes, we may bloviate here about Republic and Roman Law whatever we want, but as I state (sorry, I do and I want people to remember this simple fact) non-stop: drawing parallels in the 21st century to societies as they existed more than 2000 years ago is not just calamitous--it is wrought with great dangers. If you read my second book--almost full first quarter of it is dedicated to the danger of leaving a formulation of global reality to political "scientists" and other products of American "humanities" programs. None other than John Mearsheimer recently continued to repeat same myth about Russian Armed Forces "being mediocre", same as many even American so called "realists" continuing even today to repeat jingles about either US economy being "number one", or Russia's economy being the size of Italy's. I, of course, do not mention here a strong conviction of this class that the US, such as latest from Patrick Buchanan, where he mentions a strata of American public which believes that the US is the greatest everything there ever was. You know, like defeating Nazism, Lucifer, winning all wars, including Peloponnese ones and so on. As you may expect, this type of "awareness" or, rather,  lack thereof is in the foundation of a profound cultural change which unfolds now in the US.

There are many people who are personally responsible for this "change" turning into national catastrophe with massive global implications and those people are American intellectual "elite". I am not talking about American mass-media, it is a cesspool of human excrement. While one strata of American population believes that speaking about the US in less than in the state of a  hysterical frenzy producing only superlatives is bad, the other wants to cancel the United States completely and then go on a global crusade. You still can reason with the former, though, with the latter--they are clear and present danger because they are the ones who drive both global and domestic policies which can only result in war. Why so? I spoke about this not for once--they are morons, or rather monkeys with grenade.  But suddenly, they feel a pinch, my oh my. They suddenly recognized that there are consequences to their "actions", granted most of US "intellectuals" have no idea what actual productive labor is. These people, they know that they are personally responsible for not only paralysis of the American governance, but for unleashing "cultural revolution", which now, by classic scenario (they don't know about that--they never studied real history) will consume its originators and children. I say let it. 

So, this bunch of cowards started to suspect something, after all ANTIFA, their beloved domestic terrorist organization, is on record--liberals get the bullet too. This pseudo-intellectual bunch (Fukuyama, Andrew Sullivan or neocons are intellectuals? Preposterous!) decided to, as is expected cowardly, say a word "against" (in reality they only feel the threat to their sinecures) this "cancel" culture they themselves helped to unleash. If you want to read this declaration of cowardice and uselessness, you are welcome to read it at Harper's. It is not a call for a free debate, it is a timid pleading "Please, don't touch us personally". This shouldn't be taken seriously. "Liberals get the bullet too" and they should be thrown out of any debate on the future, if there is any, of this country. They are not "intellectuals", they are badly educated demagogues who were pushing insane social and cultural agenda and conspiracy theories under the guise of "scholarship", which is now a laughing stock of the world, only for personal gain and satisfaction of own ambitions fed by an illusion of a rational thought and regurgitation of the quotations from the political thought of the past. 

We all saw what their "original" thoughts bring--war, destruction of culture, implosion of a societal order, in the end--a war on the state itself. I can only repeat one thing--as much as American gun-totting, NASCAR loving and ignorant redneck may not be your ideal embodiment of already pretty much destroyed Republic, at least he doesn't care what you think and doesn't tear down statues and that is just fine with me. These "intellectual" people, however, are main ideologues behind the mayhem in the United States today, they were cheerleaders behind globalist cultural agenda, they were main supporters of a catastrophic presidency of Obama, which also produced a destruction of what seems then an emerging racial relations consensus, they cheered and even rationalized deadly wars of conquest which brought suffering to so many globally. Their rap-sheet is long and now that they are scared--let them face their ugly and violent offspring. I wouldn't trust any of those "intellectuals" to mow my lawn, let alone pontificate on matters they have no clue about or are not aware of them at all. Let the Red Guards deal with them. On the knees! I heard some agricultural firms in Eastern Washington are hiring field workers. Apply there, and don't insult real intellect by associating yourself with it. 

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