Thursday, July 9, 2020

Coming Soon To America Near You.

Seattle, this trailblazing collection of people with no self-awareness or any other traits which make a real citizen, introduced racial attitude adjustment program--a stepping stone towards political purges and eventually concentration camps for whites. I want to make a disclaimer--I have no sympathy for white people of Seattle whatsoever. They voted for that and the same as those liberocon (a term for  liberals and neocons) pseudo-intellectuals who scripted a pathetic admission to their cowardice the other day, should bear a full responsibility for turning once great American scientific and industrial (and gorgeous to boot) city into a shithole. So:
make conclusions yourself but, as I stated before, constituencies which vote for Democrats, such as a shithole which used to be known as Seattle, richly deserve those kind of sessions and programs. Same as they should renounce their right to be protected by the police, which many of them want so desperately to defund. 

The issue here is not about Democrat-Republican (that is GOP), and there is nothing grand in that pathetic collection of cuckolds, political dichotomy. This is not an issue, at issue is the whole institution of the American citizenship as such and, in general, of human normalcy, including mental and biological one which should be in the foundation of a normal country and functioning political system (I abstain for now speaking about an economic one). Seattle, as its City Council and Mayors consistently demonstrate, has none. Considering the fact that it is primarily a white city (in fact, one of the most white cities in the US) it is only natural for this population of Seattle to experience all the benefits of their world-view first hand. Considering the fact that most of Seattle's white population are cowards, pretending to be "intellectual" and "sophisticated" do not expect them suing or standing up for their rights. They will submit, kneel and will vote again for those who will completely erase from them any traits of normalcy, including their natural race, thus turning Seattle completely into the mental asylum. It is already half-way there. 

As I state non-stop, GOP is a pathetic parody on a political party and is fully in the pockets of corporations and will sell you and everything you hold dear for a few dollars more. But at least they do not try, for now anyway, to erase your identity--biological, racial, cultural. DNC and its Red Guards do and they are supported by the Democratic Party's electorate and media machine. So, in this case any encounter of the places like Seattle with CHAZ/CHOP, countering own whiteness and racial attitude adjustment sessions is good for such places, because there is no better cure to some forms of ideological leprosy than encountering very real consequences of their dreams--such as friendly mobs, humanitarian rape, cultural enrichment through humiliation, educational armed robberies and highly cultural beatings. Seattle voted for that, as did large parts of the United States and thus, they shall submit and be ready to enter their Brave New World. 

Meanwhile (boy, who would have thought that I'll be quoting Dreher twice in the last 10 days), observe an incredible implosion of the American institutions, starting from its Military. Those sessions are coming to West Point. 
Well, evidently warrior culture is... un-American and should be exorcised. I recon some major successes have been already achieved, but Dreher should at least know a gigantic difference between Red Army commissars and what is coming to the US Military--especially considering the fact that Political Officers, rightly so, are being re-introduced into the Russian Armed Forces: Red Army/Soviet political officers wanted you to be a real man and a warrior. Many of them died first leading their men against Nazis. But I will let it slide for Dreher--for a man learning Russian history from Solzhenitsyn it is already a huge progress what he had achieved. America as I used to know her is no more.

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