Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Shock To The System!

OK, Germany is OUT. A strange ring to it when pronouncing this. Germany's national football team, the 2014 Champions of the World, the famed and always, even when not at the top of its game, dangerous Bundesmachine, always a football Blitzkrieg juggernaut,  lost to South Korea today 2-0 and crushed out from the...drum roll...last place in its group at World Cup. Stunning. Yes, there is a statistics today which tells us that Title defenders fail to defend at early stages. But Germany? From the last place, losing to South Korea? This is a shock to the system and, in the same time, could be a good news for the game. 

Could this be a chance for Luka Modric and magnificent Croatia? They play a beautiful football. Or will Brazil, which is very happy today in its national schadenfreude, after being humiliated by these very Germans 7-1 at their domestic World Cup 4 years ago, try for a title? Or could it be some completely out of the left field new contender? After all, there is still Portugal and CR7 out there who can win anyone on any given day? Will European Champions try to ensure that CriRo enters the pantheon of the greatest who ever played the game on the highest international level? Belgium? Fascinating. This World Cup in Russia is filled with excitement and is completely unpredictable. I don't remember so much excitement in the air since 2006. But still, scheisse!


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